my school is cursed

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  1. It's only the fourth day of school and a sophomore girl already died. She's the eighth person to die since i've been going there.
    She only had her permit and was driving back from eastern washington with her mom and something ran in front of her on the freeway and she swerved off the road and then they rolled a couple times and she hit her head and died instantly. It's extra sad because her mom was concious (sp?) the whole time. Can you imagine how terrible it would be to see you daughter die right next to you and theres not a damn thing you can do about it. I feel so bad for her, I know she just keeps going over it in her head if they had just left later or stopped for gas or been in a different lane and all that stuff you do when shit like this happens. I got to school late so I missed the announcment, but I could tell right when I walked in someone died. It's sad that it's happened so many times you can just tell.
  2. That is sad i'm really sorry to hear about that. Last year there was a bunch of students from my school and some schools around that died while car jumping. Almost twice a month there was a car full of students running into something. Almost every time someone died because they where all going 80-120mph to jump them hills. I still hear of people doing it, but i haven't heard of a death for a while so thats good. Umm. Well once again i'm sorry to hear that another innocent person had to die. I wish her family and your school the best of luck.
  3. That really sucks...

    I recently heard about a kid I used to know in my old school died in a car accident.

    ...but he tried to molest me... and that made me ill...
  4. Oh god...
    Death and molestations, I'm so damn depressed right now

    Lemme know if there's anything i can do to make you feel better.
  5. how odd....and sad.
  6. I'm okay personally, but it breaks my fucking heart when I see people so upset. I saw the two biggest bad-asses in school crying and I almost lost it.

    The really shitty thing is everytime it happens it brings back all the other times you know? I feel so bad for all the people left behind like this one girl because the year before last when she wass a freshman she came home from school one day and her stepdad wigged out and stabbed and killed her two sisters and her mom right in front of her and then he held her hostage for hours untill he passed out and he kept telling her about how she was the only good one and how he wanted to get with her and stuff.

    Or like when I was a freshman this boy dane was walking down the road with some friends and he saw a car wass about to hit him and his friend so he pushed his friend out of the way and got hit and the person just kept driving. He died right there in his friends arms. It fucked him up seeing that he's a huge tweaker and stuff now.

    Or the year before last my best friends old best friend died along with another girl on there way back from youth group. A third girl was with them and the only reason she lived is because she got punked out of shot gun and had to sit in the back. They rolled there suburban over and hit a tree and she got trapped in the backseat and she just kept yellng for Abbey and Carly but they didn't answer because they were killed instantly. That would be so shitty, just chillen in there yelling but nobody answers you and you don't know if there unconscious or dead or what. They had to cut her out with the jaws of life.

    Anyway, I could tell you all there stories but i'm about ot cry if I keep thinking about all this shit and there's no reason to make eeryone else all depressed.

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