my saturday...

Discussion in 'General' started by just blaze, May 28, 2006.

  1. man oh man! i woke up thought i had to work, but i decided not to smoked a roach out front in my robe beautiful day, smokin cigarettes all morning and drinkin beer with my mom eatin burgers and shit

    then my friend chris calls and asks if i want to skate, sure as hell i did. first this kid greg had to go to a park to fight this kid so he calls his friend, and i start hittin on her right when we get in the car

    greg gets his ass beat, hilarious. we go to the skate park, skate and smoke with this girl, see her clit piercing, i get a hand job then she drops us off somewhere

    we got drunk i left my phone in her car so she comes back and hangs out with us a little, by now i'm a little drunk again

    try to play strip poker with her and her friend, but i guess only i knew how to play poker, so we play strip go fish which was just gettin' naked fast

    then chris and i ask the girl if she wants to get double stuffed and she agrees and just started suckin my dick and fuckin my friend...

    then got blasted drunk and went home and ate and passed the fuck out
  2. ROFLMAO! haha, duddeee im fuckin chewed, just smoked some fatty-ass bowls..
    That was HALARIOUS lol, the way you said that was just..BAM! thats how it was haha..
    I unno meng, But sounds like your saturday was a lot better then mine..

    +rep dude.

  3. haha thanks

    i think i forgot to add i knew her for only 6 hours

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