My saturday...

Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, May 28, 2006.

  1. Gon be the shit.

    Worked hard today.

    Took a shower.

    Went to the store and got a 40 of Olde English 800 High Gravity (8.0%). And grabbed me a fifth of Ten High whiskey, Jus cheap $8 a fifth whiskey.

    Gon get tore up from the floor up off it.

    Drank 3 beers.

    Gon stop drinkin beer and drink some whiskey. Im gettin so crunk tonight.

    I drank a fifth of whiskey and 9 beers last night. Ill be gettin drunk like that again tonight. Gon smoke more greenery tonight and jus be plastered. Gon enjoy the freedom of being so tore up.

    Hwos yall sataruday nights going?
  2. Shitty, my friend Emma kinda bailed on me and I dont feel that good. Enjoy your night man
  3. Similar days except reefer instead of brew.

    And a did some work on a shelf i'm building.... I need to buy a new palm sander, this one is older than most of you guys!
  4. I worked for 8 hours today moving furniture and polishing silver, I'm about to shower, and go out and get fucked up tonight. I know of a 2-kegger in the area so we'll probably chief in my car and head over there, who knows after that. Probably smoke some blunts. What I do know is that I plan on getting drunk and high as can be, should be a fun saturday.
  5. i want to go out, but i hate being in someone else's car, yet im sketched about driving drunk. i wish i was back at school with cool bars.

    i cant even go into the abc stores around here, theyre real strict.

    idk what im gonna do.
  6. well shit getting reeady to buy some herb and im fuckin cool as hell
  7. Im drunk.

    And its gettin routy out there.

    Ive heard 8 gun shots in the past minute.

    Like real close.

    Like a block away.

    Somebodys prolly dead.

    I hear sirens now.


    Hope it aient too close.

    Hope they dont look in my backyard, Or else ill be going to jail for a few years for manafactuing/intent to distribute.

    Ill be straight i think.

    I love it when people get buck.

    Its like a TV show outside my house lol.

    Im so drunk.

    Bout to smoke real quick.

    Then go and see whos shootin who and whos going to jail and whos dead.

    Its saturday night so everythings poppin..
  8. i assume youre pushing ice?
  9. Naa not at all.

    I dont fuck with it anymore.

    Ive snorted it like 8 different sessions. First time 1 line. Second time like 7 lines. Then from then one i did like 8-10 lines a session.

    I havent done it in like maybe 2 weeks, Maybe a little less, Maybe more i cant remeber.

    I quit doin it.

    I jus started less then a month ago. I did it the first time in adult ed.

    Then the second time at my homies and did like 7 lines the same day.

    Next day got more.

    And did it for days after till i quit.

    From the day i started i did it every day after till i quit.

    I like it alot.

    It made my whole face and brain feel like numb and tingly, I felt like running and jus going places. I didnt want to sit at all.

    I really liked it, So im done.

    But naa i never made it before.
  10. KSR, you've always got the craziest shit goin on! Go on an get crunk!

    As for me, I just got home from college late last nite, so I've been movin my things back into my folks house. Also went to the beach today from 4-6:30 cus it was just too beautiful not to. After that, got some chinese take out (mmmm fried tofu in brown sauce) and did some more unpacking. Now i'm just chillin online, seeing what my friends from college are up to, and trying to figure out who I still even talk to here at home! In the mean time, sippin on a few bottles of Smithwick's and waiting for the folks to snooze so I can burn one down!
  11. I dont know whats going on out there.

    Police never showed up. I heard sirens around.

    But cops never showed.

    We had fireworks going like 3 minutes after it happened for liek half hour, Right by here too i dont know who did it.

    But i watched them. No police showed up. I dont know what happened.
  12. isnt it liquor before beer your in the clear

    beer before liquor your gonna be sicker? sounds liek you might be sick later
  13. Naa, I never get sick man. Its noon the next day and im straight, Not even really hungover. Jus the slightest bit.
  14. i had a horrible fucking night.

    drove out to pick up 20 min from my town and ended up waiting all night. like ALL NIGHT from 10-1, just sitting around while my friends were partying in my town.

    i expected to be back in my town with my 2ozs at like 1030 at the latest, but i was so fucking pissed off.

    so then, get this fucking shit.

    the motherfucker that's selling it to me comes over with one ounce of middies and one of "dro" so i check out both bags so check quality. both bags look the same.

    exactly the same. it's just middies.

    so i say that, then i throw both ozs on the scale.


    guy says, "that's how my guy weighed them out"

    got to fucking be kidding me. so i make him drop the price more.

    so i really don't deal with mids that much, so i ask how much for the best dank he can get. he says, "aww man why didn't you say so, i've got some purps."
    "purps huh, how much for an o?"
    that's where i left.
  15. Heh, 450-500 a oz. I woulda laughed at him.
  16. i did.

    that's ridiculous.

    had he said 350-400 i would have been interested and taken it for 350 without question, but i have never and hopefully never have to pay 450-500 for an ounce. regardless of the color.

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