My Saturday!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ISmokeGrass, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. I was chiilin at my house, nothing to do then my buddy calls me up asking me if I wanted to smoke, so he comes and picks me up. We drive around for a bit and smoke a few blunts, then one of my other friends calls me up and says that his grandparents went to california and they wanted him to watch over their house and he was going to have a party. So we drive over there and at that time it was me, and my two buddies over at my buddies grandparents house, we smoke alittle and people started showing up at the house, by the time everyone got there there was about 15 people there. Everbody was doing their own thing, like in one room me and a few buddies were passing a joint and the next room over people were taking shots(I like those type of parties) just a whole bunch of people doing their own thing. We decided to make a cake but we didnt have any eggs, so a few of my friends walked over to this persons house to borrow eggs, but to get there they had to jump this fence. I was standing on the porch watching them and when they hopped this guys fence, the guy came out and just stood there looking at them, i was laughing my ass off. So by the end of the night i was very high and pretty drunk, i ended up sleeping on the floor in the living room, then came home around noon this morning. It was a pretty cool night. What did you guys do this weekend?
  2. sounds awesome man. i was just hanging out :)
  3. Friday I got drunk. Then on saturday I was looking for weed forever and finally found an 1/8th thats the bud and then we had a formal dance this weekend and now I have a girlfriend, so thats cool, then got back home at 11 and smoked some bong bowls. THen today drove around for a lil bit with my friend then got dropped off and riped the bong again:bongin:. So my weekend was pretty chill.
  4. friday night me and some people rolled on some X, and saturday night i had work till 7, then a bunch of us just chilled out and got drunk and smoked a bunch of weed...pretty fun weekend
  5. Friday, went to a small house party. I dropped a Blue Rabbit X. I had an eigth of some Kb with me. Smoked all of that out of my friends Sherlock. I also threw in on some booze. Bought me a Case of Bud Lite, and a pint of Qual. House Vodka. Got me and my date fucked up, got some killer head. Damn, I love a girl that can deepthroat. I then turned around, and pleased her. I love the sound of moaning at 3 in the morning.

    Saturday, I just chilled at my dealers house. Smoked a buttload.

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