my saturday sucked ass

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by KoRnOnTheKob, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. first off, today sometime around 4:10am i woke up...near a the cold smelling strongly of vomit. but before all this went down, it began at my house, where i had like 10 people over. we were mathcing bowls and smoking them in my bong. after we all got nice and ripped, one person was called up to go to this party. it was in northglen and being hosted by 4 guys that neither my friend or i knew.when we drove over there we smoked a bowl on the way. and when we finally arived at the appartment, there was alcohol in plentiful amounts. 3 handles of hard liquor, 7 fortys, 60 cans of beer. all for less than 20 people. needless to say i got cruck, and then blacked out at around 1:00. when i woke up i called my friend to come and pick me up. when he arived we went to try and find my leather jacket and silver chain which i was missing. we went to the appartment but no one was answering. anyway, it ended up with me having to call the police to get my leather jacket back. i never did get my chain back though, so im pretty pissed about that. but yeah overall my weekend wasn't all that fun.
  2. o thats not that bad man. thats like a typical party you get high, you get drunk, you pass out and sombody messes with you when youre passed out. unfortunatly for you some ass hole took you jacket and chain but at least you got your jacked back. It seems to me that you had a pretty good time.
  3. why u bring shitty clothes when u go to a party expecting to drink.. think ahead..

    u kno there s gonna be alcy so leave your wallet .. watches.. chains .. nice hoodies .. nice shooes .. keyes .. ect ect home ;p and only bring 2gs of chronic and u shouldnt be too worried :D
  4. my saturday kicked ass just relaxed and chilled with a bucnh of stoners and smoked alot of weed and drank a lil vodka not that much for me im not an alcohol to hear bout your jacket glad you got it back tho!!
  5. Quick word, you left a big chunk of your story out, how did you come to be in the dumpster?
  6. He blacked out and woke up next to a dumpster.

  7. yeah thats good advice, i know that now, umung other things. it was a bad experience, yet it was also a learning experience. and btw i did bring two grams of cronic, it was some good hydro shit i got from my dad, i smoked most of it and in the morning there were weed stems in it along with my remaining bud. i asumed the stems used to belong to the asshole who decided he would keep my jacket, luckily i got it back.

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