My saturday night...

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  1. Well i picked my buddy up around 9 o clock last night after work. He had some headies so we smoked a bowl and then tried to figure out what to do.

    I had a missed call from another friend so i called him up and he asked if we were looking to roll...$20/pop.

    We met up with him, handed him our money and he took the 2 minute drive to his boy's house. We met back up with him at the local seven eleven. He hopped in my car with 3 playboy bunny e-bombs. I've never taken a pill...only capsule form "mollie" . The quaility of the pills looked good because it wasnt flaky like ive seen on the internet...clean cut and strong clean playboy bunnie impression on it.

    We ate the pills at 9:50. One of my friends had a rolled dutchy of mids so we smoked that right after ingestion.

    Headed back to my crib and watched tv while effects came on.

    The first friend of mine that i picked up started to feel it first...he started talking all slowly and was buggin out and being was actually quite annoying.

    At around 11:00, myself and the other friend started feeling great. I walked upstairs to get my bong and i was just jiving with the environment...feeling awesome rhythm while i walked.

    We never smoked....instead, the friend who got the pills had to go talk to one of his friends....the other 2 of us just stayed at the house.

    I probably rolled from 11:00-5:00AM...and in the whole time, i was talking to my friend who was feeling really talkative too.

    I know it sounds gay, but we really bonded since im sort of new to the area. His best friend had just moved away and when i came, and we became good friends and chill all the time. We told each other about our life stories where we come from and all sorts of other philisophical shit. We must of pounded or high-fived 100 times during the 6 hour conversation because we have a lot in common and understanding exactly the other was saying. We talked about how fucked up society is and all sorts of shit...i wish i could have written all of that into a book!!!

    I went to sleep at 5 and woke up at 830..couldnt go back to bed.

    Took a shower, watched TV and woke my friend up at around 10:00. Hit the bong at 10:10 with my brother. ANd i swear to god...i still felt the E!!!! the attitude didnt seem to be there but i felt all if i were on percs.

    later on, we decided to go to a local headshop and bought a space case grinder.

    I dropped my friend back off and now im typing this about to leave for work.

    hope that made sense. peace.
  2. Awesome story. I had that similar experience on acid... SInce when youre on acid you can only talk to someone that's on acid as well... I was in Canada at the time and I had just turned 18 so we both just sat at the bar trippin and drinking Guinness and Jagermeister. It was pretty hard to even order a drink.. But we did it!.... Maybe the bartender was on acid >.>
  3. you should film when you roll like thats its funny as hell to see it the next day.

    And you can film all your roll tricks; like i can crack my jaw really loud.
  4. Yeah rolling lasts a long time. First time I did it we were up talkin playin halo till maybe 7 am then I left and went home.. then I went to sleep and then went to my grandmas about an hour later.. still felt it.
  5. haha that makes me wanna try e
  6. i definitely suggest it...just dont get addicted to it. While rollin, i was like "lets do this tomarrow!" ...but thats not a good idea. Just control yourself.

    I believe this drug is amazing...if i wanted to get as fucked up as possible, i would drink or eat mushrooms....but for the best experience, E is the answer. It just sucks when your comin off your will wish it lasts forever!
  7. good man im glad you made a good friend
  8. I plan on buying some very soon.

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