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    okay so me and a friend got 3 g. of this really good stuff and well we decided to go walk outside and blaze. (we were at a friends house) so me and and my buddy walk down a few blocks and start smoking behind a boat. we smoked about 2 gs and this shit had us on our asses like real messed up. then all of a sudden a car pulls up next to us while were behind the boat the guy gets out and starts walking our way so i grab the weed and we hall back side i swear the guy was chasing us so i jumped in a tree and when we think its safe we start walkin bak to our friends house. we then walked past a car and the guys like hey you kids what u doing out so late (it was like 2 in the morning then he steps on the gas and starts chasing us so again we jump in some bushes and the guy was looking for us for about an hour so me and my friend basically laid in the bushes for an hour but it so happend that we were on our friends street and he was on the trampoline. we get bak and tell him the story and he said there was never a car on the street (ps we thoufht we heard dogs and stuff it was scary). so yea it was scary we still dont kno if we were really being chased or just so stoned. wat do you guys think =]
  2. sounds pretty crazy...also like your about to get banned
  3. why am i about to be banned? so i can fix the problem
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    oooo 2am cool
  5. so be cause of my age okay will fix. fixed srry didnt kno
  6. lol to late I have you on quote!! dun dun dun


  7. oh knowz =[ lesson learned
  8. Ouch, rookie mistake, always read the rules (I'm not encouraging underage member of GC, I'm merely encouraging the reading of forum rules before posting stuff.)
  9. WTF is up your ass? What kind of stoner are you? From what you've just said I picture you as one of those jock stoners who think that they're leading some kind of intense double life even though you only smoke like a gram a month... Be a cool hippie stoner and let him pass, who cares how old he is besides GC workers? He's still a fellow stoner with a funny as hell avatar:smoking:
  10. whoa man dont try & stereo-type me cuz thats not cool.. Jock my ass haaa I would never wanna be a jock, I was joking with him, a gram a month haaa. But no I was just kidding with the guy I have no authority if he is banned or not.. but dont try & place me in a class okay bro
  11. ladies ladies =]. its okay guys i kno he was just screwing around and yea i should have read the rules
  12. lol look at my first post on the thread now, I got you bro!!
  13. lol . thats love <3 thanks for watching a young homies back lol
  14. I gotcha young stoner & when I was "18" lol & I knew of this site I would be on it to lol:smoking:
  15. im not like those other "18" year olds that cum at the site of some herb. and i consider my self to be open minded and MATURE enough so i think its all kool that i smoke weed at "18"
  16. yeah its chill do good in school, & shit have everything straight & go ahead smoke at "18" I sure as hell did so I mean go for it best thing in the world to me lol:smoking:
  17. i love to smoke up before school shit gets me so chill but very focused
  18. yeah I dig, I get focused when I smoke to, but never bring none into school thats just asking to get caught bro
  19. yea always smoke up at the bus stop maybe 15 mins before bus comes =]
  20. thats chill wait till you get a car & an apartment, basically your worry free on smoking.. it so awesome. just spark up in your living room, watch t.v no hiding it, well dont gotta hide it really well

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