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  1. My night started off slow as hell. It was looking like nothing big would happen, but i still needed to go to Walmart to pick up some easy mac because a bad case of munchies the other night forced me to eat all my roomates and i wanted to replace it before he gets back sunday. After i got my room clean, took out the trash, and got through the rest of the bullshit that needed to be done i went out to walmart, got what i needed, went to wendys and got my dinner(late but still wanted some food)

    I was getting pretty close to my parking lot and i see a guy walking down the middle of the road, which he almost got hit by the car in front of me. I noticed he was tryin to get a ride(college student btw) and i check to see if cars were coming behind me(there weren't) so i slow down(had my windows down) and asked him if he needed a ride and where he was going. He said that he was headed to a party that wasn't far from here but it was raining and he asked for a ride, said he would make it worth my while if i drove him to this party. Being the good guy i am i drive him to this party

    He tells me to come inside and the second the door opens smoke starts coming out the door. My kinda place :smoking:. He tells me to just chill on the couch and he'd be right out. The party is pretty chill, got passed a J and had a few hits, GOOOODDD shit haha i was pretty high with the 3 or 4 hits i took. I chose not to drink since i didnt plan on stickin around and knew id have to drive a good 5-10 minutes and i had seen enough cops out to dissuade me from drinkin. A few minutes later(well maybe like 15 minutes haha i dont remember really i was high, i didnt care) the guy walks out and hands me two freshly rolled blunts and a 12 pack of budlight :D:D:D

    He was DEAD ON, it was worth my while to pick this dude up haha. I thanked him and told him i was gonna roll out. I put the 12 pack and 2 blunts in my back pack(put the blunts in my headunit case for my cd player). Well after parking and all that i start walking back to my building figuring i wouldnt get hassled by anyone, most people were on the other side of campus(palmer fest, which is a big ass party on palmer street in the spring time and i figure most cops and people are over there)

    Well like usual i was fucking wrong haha. I go around a corner and about 30 feet away i see a parked cop car, but he has his parking lights on(the little yellow ones) NOTE* i am smoking a cigar, just a regular stogie, cuz that is how i am, i like my cigars*
    He comes off as a dick right away, shines his damn spot light right in my eyes and says STOP RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE, in such an asshole way too(you guys know what i mean) Well instantly i think shit, i know hes gonna gimme shit. He asks me why i am carrying a backpack on a saturday night and then he starts sniffing around and goes you got weed in that cigar son?

    I am just like, well shit he is gonna try and search me or something. I calmly respond that i went to walmart and i needed my backpack to carry what i bought. Then i mention that this was just a regular cigar and i paid too much for it to mess it up with weed :devious:

    He kind of laughs at this and says and i quote "Good man, a fine cigar makes a man a better person. have a good night and be safe." my jaw dropped, i definately thought he would try some shit. I am so glad i only run into the good cops(even though he was a dick to start with) when i have shit on me :hello:

    after that i came back to the room, ate my wendy's and i just popped me some oxycodone and i am just gonna chill the rest of the time and enjoy myself a few beers.

    how was your guys(gals) night?
  2. bad assss...
  3. Thats a bomby night, wendys, free beer and weed. what else could you ask for
    as for my night, i worked 9 in hte morning-11 at night, woke up at 840 hung over a shit from last night, and hustled to work. Anyways, funny story, we got this new guy, sketchy as fuck. He is 43 and working wiht a bunch of college kids. Anyway, we had a huge weedding we were cattering to, and he was helping to poor the champange. Well, he kept wondering off and shit and would come back 10 minutes later, and he did this a lot tonight. As soon as as saw him doing tha ti knew something was up. Anyway, as the night rolls on, he is some how hammered. We dont say anything, its ammusing. But, this was a huge weedding and they were all dancing on the floor. My friend brian was doing final clear and stacking the tray, the guy stumbles over, takes the tray, even tho brian said not to, then starts dancing on the floor with the guest, while holding a tray thats wobbling. The tray falls, breaks everywhere. Our manager is ripshit. Brings him into the office and screams at him and shit. We were then wondering around, and started finding empty champange bottles stashed trhoughout the building. Weird? This guy was pooring the champange and some how magically got drunk? Anyways he tried to get us to tell our manager he wasnt drunk, lol. Lets just say hes no longer working there, didnt even make it threw training.
    Sorry didnt mean to hijack your thread, i just felt this story wasnt worthy of its own thread.

    Have fun with that 12 and those blunts, peace.
  4. haha thats funn tmoney. i could see some drunk dude asking to stick up for him haha. kind of sad he is 43 and was in training for this job, oh well, play the cards life gives you i guess :smoke:
  5. thats fuckin cool

    chill people rock hah

    sounds like you met a chill kid and cop, thats is classified as a good night with me! lol

    man i wish i had beer............................
  6. I lovee parties like that..where you just walk in and feeeeel the weedy atmosphere.. hehe But damn what a nice guy all that just for a ride to a party...goood stuff :) your mailing me those blunts right? :rolleyes:
    (wow i just realised that face is rolling its looks all dreamy to me...hmmm...I suppose I'm allowed to just keep using it as a dreamy face..)
  7. hell yea dude. i can relate on that. i had such a shitty day yesterday, but it ended up all good. thing is, i couldnt remember what i did last night, all i know is my fridge is empty.
  8. fuck yes, that was an awesome response to the cigar question, a little white lie got you outta some heat.
  9. U got Fucking lucky !
  10. Wow man you made it off easy.
  11. Fucking nice woulda took me a sec to think of that.
  12. Why did he pull you over in the first place?
  13. now thats a great night how big were the blunts?:D:smoking:
  14. Shit dude. Karma is great huh? Do a good thing for somebody...and look what you got. Enjoy man.
  15. i wasnt pulled over, the blunts were good, and this happened a while ago in case you guys didnt see :)
  16. I actually used a cigar to get out of trouble too, the cop was like you been smoking? Just being a dick my car didn't smell, and im like well I smoke cigars, and he's like what you roll the weed in it? I go 'Fuck no, That bitch is a cuban not some cheap ass gas station 'cigar'' and he was kinda annoyed Im like 'there right in the side of my door, you can't look but I can show you' He was annoyed that I once again told him I didn't consent to any search it was fun fuckin with him.

    Cops are so used to people that for whatever reason are intimdated or just don't know their rights. When you know your shit they'll back off, like when I was pulled over and refused a search they just called the dog to walk around my car, and took me and my friend out, and they didn't search my pockets or my friends where all my shit was (scale, weed, bowl) where Id almost garuentee that if I hadn't said I refuse to a search and just instead had him tell me the dog was coming, that he would have searched my pockets, Because think about it if you ever watch cops they search everyones pockets most of the time for no real apparent reasons.
  17. I think (hope) you forgot a word in there? :eek:

    Good story, glad you didn't get busted man!
  18. Rommates are more filling than the roommates food.

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