My Saturday at the Toronto Cannabis March

Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta_Man, May 7, 2006.

  1. It was amazing.

    Absolutley amazing. We burned through over an ounce.

    Bought a bong, met some awesome people and go the word out.

    I've never been in a place with such a positives vibe. You would be walking through the crowd and EVERYBODY is stoned and smilig and happy.

    We showed up at noon, and instantly started chatting up some guys sitting at a bench. If you'ven ever been to a cannabis rally, you don't even know.

    I smoked up people i didn't even know, and vice versa. It was so laid back.

    The cops were in big numbers, walking through constantly, not even hasseling a single person. Props to them.

    haha the one saying i liked: "We're here, we're high, get used to it"
  2. sounds sweet man. i've only gone to Hashbash but its gotten pretty lame in the past 2 or 3 years and I didn't even go this year. There was very little smoking in comparison to years past. I'd like to go to one out of america, Canada's definately seem more chill but my going to one there won't help me here.

    but i felt exactly the same way the first time i went to a music festival. i mean random people coming up to you at your campsite selling weed and acid and mushrooms and mescaline and E and 2c* trips and opiates and whatever else you could ever want (some guy actually came around pimping girls, didn't expect that). And then the random people who are fucked up on all these chemicals come up to talk to you in their crazied gibberish. Everyone is just having so much fun and their isn't one bad thought in the crowd.

    there should be more such events :smoking:

    <- hah only took two years to reach 300
  3. Yeah, weed festivals are fucking awesome. The only one I've been to was the Boston Hempfest, but I had a good time.
  4. Just like from the Simpons line, 'were here ,were queer, get used to it.'.

    Sounds like you had an awesome time R_M, next year if I can afford a car, I want to go.


  5. "You do this every year, we are used to it!"

  6. Oh man what a sweet event that was. Yeah everything was super chill and all the people were really kool and relaxed. We smoked alot of blunts and played alot of hack. The march was pretty kick ass also and so was the chineese food after. Rasta I kept my eyes open but there was just too many people:smoke: , glad everyone had fun tho.

  7. Yeah i know, i didn't even see the same stoners twice, haha, just WAY to many people!

    We probably passed eachother a bunch of times, too blazed to realize :smoking:

    EDIT: I also smoked up all the weed i had. We just kept rolling joints. So this sunday im relying on either resin or maybe my e-tard dealer picked up instead of wandering around town fucked.

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