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Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by Drewsley, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. I havent smoked any pot in about 3 weeks and i just broke the ice and made an INCREDIBLE sandwich. It was Butternut Bread with 2 Slices of Bologna, Fresh Garden Tomatoes, Mustard and Ketchup With some Mircale Whip, with a some bbq chips and cold pepsi. Wow it really has just made my day it was such a good sandwich...Yum. :smoke:
  2. +rep man nice!
  3. Sandwiches have to be one of my favorite stoner foods. They're so open to customization and nothing beats a REALLY nice-ass sandwich on a "green" day. :smoke:
  4. ^ I agree, I just made two B.L.T.'s at home.....and oh my god it was DANK!
  5. Homemade meatball subs, now that's where it's at. If you got any leftover ground beef in the freezer or fridge, easy as hell to make (a lil messy but always a good payoff).

    Lean ground beef, parmesan and Monterey Jack cheese. Throw some minced garlic and onion, oregano, basil in with the meat, powder with flour, form balls (lol), pan fry with a lil oil.
    Toast a buttered hoagie bun and saute some red and/or green pepper, throw on top of cooked meatballs on hoagie.
    Sprinkle with cheese, bake a few more mins and voila! Takes about 20-25 mins, sober.... about an hour high (I always open the fridge and stare, forgetting what I was going in there for).:hello:

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