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    This cutting doesn't look so hot. It's shown roots and been planted. After planting I always wait until they droop slightly before I water (I've experienced a lot less yellowing this way). This one doesn't seem to be bouncing back too well though.
    I was thinking about removing that bottom slightly yellowing leaf and the node right above it. I'd still be left with the node and leaf at the very top.
    It's still alive, so maybe I should just leave 'well enough' alone.
    edit: I'm also positive it's not thirsty
    Any responses are appreciated.


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  2. is it getting fresh air? seen plants droop due to lack of fresh air :/ give it time it could bounce back
  3. This reminds me of a tree with NO roots, so treat as if that were true, mist with water and cover with plastic bag, that you have exhaled into then placed over the plant leave over night, removing whilst brushing teeth in morning, and replacing the plastic bag with co2 before leaving the room, repeat on arrival at days end, remove for 1 hour, see if it sags, if so repeat as above
    You are very wrong to leave a plant without water on transplanting, you were very wrong in suggesting that you may slice and dice cause you don't like the yellow bit on the leaf, is (N) deficient plant is using this leaf right now!!
    You are positive it ain't thirsty, why the sag?
      Please Buck go read a garden book a Cervantas Mj book would be great
  4. For freshly planted clones I always give them a good watering with some B1 Red, Superthrive and Protekt silica. The last thing I want to do is stress a clone that was just planted. Transplanting does cause some stress to the plant but waiting to water it can stress it even more. I`ve noticed that sometimes plants will start to droop at top and work its way down when they need watered. All my clones come out of an EZ Clone machine so their hydro clones going into soil.

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