My Roots need your Advice

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Howie Mandella, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. I just switched from veg to flower yesterday switched my Res nutes, is this root rot or just over Nutes and should dilute or just let it ride?

    Please save me, :)

    It won't let me upload photos. I will ASAP.

    They're a mid shade of brown about 3 inches down then fairly white still in the water of the Rez. Temps are good Plants LOOK good just not sure what the deal is. Im thinking I shouldn't try to Stress to hard unless they look like they start dying?
  2. i'm guessing you're using some kind of dwc or other hydro style grow.

    does the h2o smell mildewy?

    that will probably be your first sign of true root rot.

    keep in mind that browning roots may not necessarily be root rot...

    sounds like that top part of the roots could be browning from light exposure....

    how often are you looking at them?

    do you have high powered lights running just a little bit away from the plants when you are exposing the roots?

    you don't want to expose them at all unless you absolutely have to, and especially not when you have a 250+w HID light blazing down on them....

    if you are still worried about root rot, try some tea!

    if that's too much, at least get some type of beneficial bacteria and some type of carbohydrate in your res.
  3. It very well could be me lifting the LID to much with the lights on. I need to check the smell I thinks that's ok though. I will Upload some photos so you can further assess if ya want that would be great. Great info though and thanks for the link super good to know :)

    still not lettin me upload photos

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