My roots are turning green????

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  1. i am growing ebb & flow, 2x4 tray, 20 plant sea of green, under a 1000w HPS. I just got this weird green algae looking stuff on one of the plants roots i am nervous that this could spread to my other plants and kill them. this is my first grow and everything has been okay up until now so any help would be great.

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  2. Check if lights getting in anywhere

  3. light does hit them is that ok?
  4. light should not be hitting your roots. roots need to be in dark place.
  5. maybe they are ok for now. but if algae is not taken care of it can spread. youve seen pools or ponds with algae you wouldnt like your feet in that and either does your plant. h2o2(hydrogen peroxide) can take care of it. idk how much you should add thow
  6. well does anyone know how much to add and is it worth the risk if they are already 5 weeks in flower
  7. ok just googled it and they say you want 0.5-1% h2o2. so you have to do the math idk how much water you have

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