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My roots are brown for some reason.

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by sunndropper, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Dear Reader,
    I think my roots got root rot because they were brown and had brown slime on them. I was adding doses of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide to my reservoir. This did not do anything to whiten up the roots. I was advised to get, and did get, some Dutch Master Zone to clean up the root rot. I added the Zone to my reservoir and I'm waiting for the roots to come out white but they're not. Now I'm thinking of giving the plants a root dunk/bath by dunking the net pots into a high strength solution of 35% Hydrogen Peroxide and water. Or maybe I should just add a few teaspoons of 35% Hydrogen Peroxide to my reservoir. Is it safe to add 35% Hydrogen Peroxide to my reservoir when there is already some Dutch Master Zone in it? Thanks for any input.
  2. A number of things could have happened to make your roots brown and slimy. Light leakage can promote algae growth, which could have that effect on roots. Chunky, brown nutrient solution can do the same. Now that you have disinfected the roots with hydrogen peroxide, they can no longer protect themselves from hazards so you will have to add more intermittently throughout the rest of the grow. Zone will not clean the roots of the funk but rather prevent issues like this from occurring so it is basically pointless to use it at this point.
    Here are a few suggestions:
    -Make sure no light is entering the root zone.
    -Keep reservoir temp at 68-72 degrees or lower if possible
    -Flush with clearex or florakleen to help wash off some of that funk
    -Run Hygrozyme or Multi-Zyme in your solution to help break down dead root mass and flush it out.
    -You may be able to get around using H2O2 (which would be ideal) by re-inoculating the roots with something like FoxFarm's Kangaroots and Microbe Brew. (Not sure if this will work, but it won't hurt)
    -Use only clean nutrients that don't build-up at all such as House & Garden Aqua Flakes or the good ole GH Flora Series (if you aren't already)

    If none of these can apply to your issue, then describe the setup more and perhaps I can be of more assistance. Hope this helps, Peace.
  3. Dear Dr.Trichome,
    Thanks you very much for the instructions. Should I use hydrogen peroxide throughout all of the directions such as with the florakleen or clearex, and also with the Hygrozyme or Multi-Zyme? And do you think I should use florakleen or clearex to rinse the roots or would florashield be even better? And then, once I get rid of the bad funk, should I go back to using the Dutch Master Zone? Your help is wonderful!

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