My RooR got stolen

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  1. I bought a 16 inch RooR beaker today for $170. It was a really nice bong and I thought it hit so smooth and had such little drag. I called my dealer over and he brought some sketchy dude. We were in the kitchen weighing out the weed and that mother fucker dipped out of my house with the bong. I told him I know he stole it and he started blaming it on my dealer but I watched my dealer walk out so I know he didn't take it.
  2. Find him and then make it really, really hard for others to find him in the future...

    edit: or you could kill him

    edit2: or you could find him and take your bong and his weed and beat him up (but without violence?)
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  3. lesson; Dont let sketchy people into your house. period.
  4. Ah, weed truly is the gateway drug.
    In this instance, it was a gateway to a new bong. Sucks, man.
  5. Stealing a roor? Definitely a douchebag... People that steal pieces are pieces of shit.. I don't even touch my buddies pieces when we're not smoking without asking especially someone i just met.. What a douche.. Make him pay haha :smoke:
  6. Learned something else today. He was super fucked up on Xanex bars and had been barred out for three days. Don't let fucked up druggies into your home.
  7. you should probably find a new dealer as well
  8. Yeah you know your dealer is milkin that RooR already right?
  9. At least it's a fake roor, unless you got it used. All the same, sorry to hear that. I can't imagine how sad I would be if my bc got stolen.

  10. yeah cause thats super cheap for a roor :smoke:

  11. No its not, you can get a 3.2 lil sis for around $150 total including overseas shipping i would think. They list on the websight for like 89euros and on edit for $155...
  12. Your dealer is a douchebag too...Idiot dealers now adays. Find a chill one.
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but do they make lil sistas that are 14"? I don't think so.
  14. Get some barbed wire... a car battery... some jumper cables... 7 piranhas... and a bucket of kfc chicken (make sure its the spicy kind)

    you should know where im going with this...
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  15. they sell 14" lil sistas at edit
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    if someone stole my roor and I knew who it was my thread would be titled
    "my roor got stolen and i was arrested for breaking the thief's hands"

    yah that fucker would need some help wipin his ass for next couple months.
  17. Sounds like you need to go smash that bitch. If your not a fighter than I might stay away. You never know what a fuckin junkie will do
  18. Its not a fake roor. It was priced at $210 and I got a %25 discount.
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    The point is not even whether or not the Roor was legit. If this guy came into your house and stole a plastic pencil sharpener, the principal remains the same.

    The situation needs to be rectified in some sort of way. If diplomacy doesn't work, (i.e. Dude I realize you were toasted on pills, but you stole some shit from me and you're going to give it back....)

    Then find out where the guy lives, where he works, what he drives, where he scores, etc. Your dealer would be a good place to start for information. If he's not willing, start doing "research" on him too. Karma is a bitch, sometimes you gotta slap her to get her going...

    Don't let people walk on you. I'm a small man, so a physical face to face fight is not always in my best interest. But when people realize there are real consequences to their actions, they begin to grow up.

    Even if you don't provide the straw that breaks this camels back, any actions you take, like broken windshields, cut fuel lines, styro in the gas tank, personlized items "found" in improper environments such as work containing crack or ice or kiddie porn, etc...Can help this thieving boy change into responsible adult. These are all options that to me fall under the blanket saying/my motto "Walk softly and carry a big stick"

    Do keep a better eye on your company. I don't let ANYONE who I dont know very well into my house, and neither does my wife. That said, just because you had a judgement lapse does not give this individual the right to burglarize your house.
  20. sounds like your dealer is an ass fag also, guaranteed hes hitting that roor too, karma is a b****, anyways my experience with junky scum is your dealer will eventually be robbed by this person also, and why buy from someone that is gonna run with junkies, i like green as much as the next guy here, but when your running around with someone that's been "barred out" for three days, then that dealers days of profiting will be doomed, either by being robbed himself, or when this crackpot gets stopped by an officer, walking, driving, whatever hes out doing im sure he will be caught with somthing he shouldnt have, and of course that prosecuting attorney will offer sweetheart deal for his dealer, especially if this person has priors, so then your dealer will be put out do to a snitch, like was said earlier, find a lax dealer thats not associated with crackheads and fiends, because those people are a whole different breed than your common pothead, buy a good dog, preferably a mastiff, my cane corso is excellent and would never allow any off brand person to make a move anywhere in my home with out me knowing and the intimidation factor of a large dog probaly wouldve kept that slimbag waiting at your doorway, pitbulls are useless in that sense and in my mind a useless dog that is hard to train, not saying a dog is the answer, but i notice people perfer not to want to come into my home as much even if just visiting, sorry about your loss and hopefully you can replace it with somthing nice, i just know how feels to have glass stolen, a friggin bummer

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