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My roommate's reversed her decision to smoke with me

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Batmanchu, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. Because, and I told her she "couldn't get high off of one drag". Drag was her words, not mine.

    I had to tell her that for her first time, she couldnt take one hit and get high. And that she most likely wouldn't get even slightly high her first time, anyway. She was disappointed.

    It's okay, cuz I don't want to share my remaining stash with her, anyway. Not that I wouldn't share, just not with her.
  2. haha give her a cookie :p
  3. it's ok. She'll come around, they always do.
  4. Heroin, just give her heoin. Case closed.
  5. Whats this not getting high the first time? I was absolutely fucked. So was my gf, although we packed a bowl full of qwiso for her first time.
  6. Stab the bitch!
  7. Blasphemy, what is she doing out of the kitchen?
  8. What! I told my old GF she would get really high. Smoked then banged. Worked fine. Nothing wrong with high expectations.
  9. Same! But mine wanted to go hunt stuffed animals at Wal-Mart... we got kicked out
  10. ^^ ah i remember those times. Couldnt stop giggling. That stuffed animals thing is funny lol
  11. Congrats; you ruined her high. (maybe :p)
    Sorry, but your mindset REALLY affects the high. If you tell her she won't get high, its likely she wont. The mind is really powerful.
    I know I got high my first time smoking, on my first toke, before the pipe came back to me in rotation.
    Also, some people take forever to be able to get high; your first time might not work regardless of how many tokes. Buddy of mine just would never get high until very recently, after nearly a year of our trying. And I know for a fact he wasn't doing it for the free smoke; haha, most of the time it was forced on him.

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