My roommate ate my cheesy breadsticks

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mbelk, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. I would be extremely pissed if this happened to me. The fact that they were not just plain breadsticks, but covered in the additional deliciousness of the cheese, makes this act especially heinous.
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  2. Not a friend
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  3. :lmafoe::lmafoe::lmafoe: I think I've only seen someone once bump an old thread that was the OP:laughing::laughing:

    On a scale of 0 to Hulk smashing everything, how mad are you still?:laughing:
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  4. not mad just disappointed
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  6. call his ass up its been 9 years and he forsure owes you interest. Atleast $2 a month.
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  7. If someone stole my cheesy breadsticks, You got no idea.

    There would've been a brawl followed by compensation.
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    Dude wouldn’t make it another 24 hrs if he were Sharin a place with me.
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  9. That was 9 years ago mate. LET IT GO. xd
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  10. I must confess, one time I stole my roommates box of Pop Tarts... No, not a single pop tart, the whole damn box. God damnit...
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  11. Lmao op you need to call him and talk about the cheesy breadsticks from 9 years ago
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  12. dude was a total nerd, literally never left the room (prison) except to to to class. Would play gamecube most of his free time.
  13. Of course it's not the breadsticks that are the issue, it's that your room mate is an untrustworthy liar. What kind of coward would lie about breadsticks? I'm sure you can find a better room mate.
  14. Yeah that was the big issue, how could he boldface lie like that. And no worries about getting a better roommate since this was in 2010.
  15. I'd put Hot sauce in his listerine,
    Don't ever eat another man's cheesy sticks

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