My roommate ate my cheesy breadsticks

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  1. Man...Cheesy breadstick thievery... :(

    My roommate never took anything from me that I noticed, we didn't share a fridge though. I actually took one thing from her though. Well, two. She was gone one weekend and I really needed a tissue, the next weekend I was sick and she had sutafed sitting out and I took one of those because I was DYING...Nothing quite as extreme as cheesy breadsticks.

    Oh well.
    I live by myself now.

  2. put the box under his pillow with a note

  3. So passive aggressive :laughing:
    I love it!


  4. thats actually in one way what a roommate is for. helping eachother out, im sure she wouldnt have mind.
  5. you should have snapped his elbow and slammed his head into the fridge.
  6. My housemate and i end up wasting so much food each month becuase we just buy too much.
    With both of us buying whatever we want to eat, and allways buying alittle extra incase the other housemate wants some theres ended up being a crazy surplus in the pantry & fridge whenever the shoppings done.

    I sympathize with the op tho, living in a dorm basicly forces you to live with people that you dont trust, and it sounds like you can be taken advatage of easily.

    Buy a barfridge and a lock.
  7. just buysome new breadsticks and then go YOU WANT SOME MORE BREADSTICKS?!?! then beat him over the head with the breadsticks till hes unconcious
  8. Shit in his pillowcase. When he lays his head down for a long awaited night's rest, he'll greeted by a surge of shit, gushing into and around his mouth/eyes.

  9. this idea needs more consideration, you should deffinatly do it.

    EDIT: and if he find out you did it, just tell him you like exlax?
  10. Take a slice of my pizza?? NO PROBLEMO........Take my chessy bread you've gone way to far broseph.
  11. I know how you feel.

    One time my dog ate my chicken quesadilla. Or maybe it was me, I dunno. :smoke:
  12. Buy a Snake, release it upon him while he's sleeping.

  13. Ow!

  14. Thattle also give him pink eye :hello:
  15. did the OP actually respond with what he did? :( i was waiting to see how he took hsi revenge
  16. So I talked about it with him, it's all good in the hood. I didn't want to start any trouble so we kind of just dropped it.
  17. sall good in tha hood
  18. lmao @ 6 pages over this
    and damn dude, confront him about this, edit, oh ok you already did, good to hear
  19. *my CONCLUSION*

    After reviewing all the posts, I say the best thing to do was:
    -Take the paper container for the cheesy bread sticks and put it under his pillow with a note. The next day, order a bunch of good food and eat it in front of him but don't offer him any.

    But, since it's probably way too late to do that. Best option is to: Buy some new breadsticks and just beat him over the head with them till hes unconscious.

    Tip for future:

    hide your fkin munchies
  20. I still remember how betrayed I felt
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