My roommate ate my cheesy breadsticks

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mbelk, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Really this butt hurt over breadsticks? Get a life.
  2. dude what an asshole
  3. ^ Awww yeah. Just search on youtube for roommate revenge or something similar. I seen one where the guy buttered the floor right infront of the door so he slipped when he come in/left.

  4. Are you kidding, the little bastard would likely eat that too! :eek:

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  5. Cut his balls off while he is sleeping.

    Thats what thefts of cheesy breadsticks deserve.
  6. One of my roommates had a lock on his fridge,which worked quite well. I take it you already don't get along with your roommate? I'd let it slide this time.
  7. Call him out. You let it slide and he will think its ok to do it again.
  8. Do you and your friend happen to look like this?


  9. Lmfao this thread delivers.
  10. Yo my roomate stole my weed last semester. He lied about it and i called him out hardcore. He was a douche about it and I didn't trust him, so I put a sheet up, and never talked to him again.
  11. Write him a well thought out letter.
  12. one time when i was like 17 i ate my brothers pizza he was saving for left overs and threw away the box in my trash can and took the garbage out, well he found my bag and the box and i had half cans of coke and other stuff in the trash too and it all dumped on the bottom of the garbage bag

    well to teach me a lesson to never eat his stuff again he took the trash out of the can and cut the bottom open on my bed and flung all the garbage all over my room, i never ate his stuff again and still wont

    WHen he is not there take all his food and store it somewhere he cant see.. then put thbox of chessy bread sticks where he kept his food.. itll freak him the fuck out. and then you can say admit it cause i got you ..and then youll give him the food back. He will either apologize or flip out in which he will show his guilt.
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    creative but nonlethal violence is in order.

    or straight up tell him that you know that he ate your food and if he ever does it again, then the creative but nonlethal violence will occur.
  15. You gotta prove your the alpha male. If you can fight kick his ass after throwing the bag of trash on his territory. Beat him until he pisses himself in submission. If he can kick your ass take a play from the prison playbook and shank him in his sleep like a prison punk. Always alpha.
  16. Call the wambulance!
  17. My roomate ate half of my fuckin dominoes pizza when i was gone. I made him buy me a hole other pie :cool:
  18. 1. He ate your cheesy breadsticks
    2. He lied about eating your cheesy breadsticks
    3. Make him buy you more cheesy breadsticks or
    A. Declare all out refrigerator war
  19. Add somethin like ExLax to something else he might take

  20. ^^ This fits the bill. Plus it is creative and gives the roomie a chance to man up and change his shit. :cool::smoke:

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