my roomate's rap group

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  1. this was all done as a joke you have to understand the dude but it's not serious. he likes to freestyle and shit just cause its funny. he's in a metal band and a few other bands but this was all just for fun. anyways i think it's funny but a lot of people think its horrible and disturbing. lol here it is
  2. listen to the a lil mo luv on there to here the worst of it lol
  3. guess no one else thought it was funny :(
  4. wwwwoaah those guys have some problems

    for everyone who doesnt feel like clickin on the link the chorus of the first song is ''we fuckin little girls''

  5. you guys gotta understand his sense of humor, pretty much all just shock value he def isn't serious and would never do anything like that it's all joking around and not supposed to be serious at all
  6. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha
  7. at least someone thinks its kinda funny lol

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