my roomate doesnt wanna smoke cuz hes too "stressed out"

Discussion in 'General' started by married2mj, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. haha what does he think weed does to you?
  2. LOL my sister always does this

    it annoys the shit out of me

    when she is so stressed out she doesnt wanna burn and is too stressed to want to just give in and do the right thing

    i guess people feel that way when they are so stressed they dont wanna let go of the problem

    i learned to just give it time...the more they think about their decision the closer they come to giving in
  3. lol..

    thank DARE for this..

    apparently weed reinforces paranoia and stress...

    never have I felt this way

    fucking morions
  4. people need to realize that marijuana does not affect everybody the same. when some people are stressed marijuana is going to do nothing but make them sit and worry and think about what is stressing them, and it will NOT be enjoyable.

  5. thank god im not one of those people.
  6. Yeah man, fuck that kid! Weed doesn't sustain stress until you come down from your high and by then it's probably compounded upon the realization that you just wasted 2 hours watching Spongebob Squarepants instead of taking care of whatever was stressing you out. I mean what does he want, the lingering stress to go away or something? The nerve of some people...
  7. If he doesn't want to smoke then he doesn't want to smoke. What is the problem? It affects different people in different ways, and not everyone is meant to smoke.
  8. Why the fuck do you care when and why somebody does or doesn't want to smoke, OP?
  9. I get annoyed by people who think everyone should smoke. It's a personal choice. I'm not saying that's what the OP was implying but it almost sounds that way.
  10. I know man. No substance is going in my body unless I feel like putting it in there. People who question that simply get the finger.

    Smoking is a personal choice and you have to respect that.
  11. Yep. I'm pro legalization for obvious reasons, but I never expect that everyone will enjoy or even try it. That's their deal and it's fine with me.

    Some people tend to treat it like it's some kind of religion. It's just a plant. A wonderful, amazing plant and a gift from Nature/God/The Spirits/Whatever, but still just a plant.
  12. haha wow i didn't think i was gonna get attacked for this post

    me and my roommate smoke every night together but tonight he doesn't want to because hes stressed out which i thought was pretty ironic considering the first thing i do when im stressed out is smoke a J.

    i dont care that much, i just thought it was ironic, chill the fuck out out

  13. well i took it the same way i implied in my first post

    im not sure what he meant but i get upset cause then i have to toke alone and instead of chillan with a stoner friend i just get to hang out by myself

    or even if we arent chillan... just better getting two people high..spread the herb...imo

    and i never need a whole blunt to myself
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    well in my own experiences, i found that sometimes and i mean SOMETIMES, weed can make you focus in on your problems even more...which can make it worse for the individual
  15. Didn't mean to attack you bro, guess I came off a little harsh. But you gotta respect peoples decisions and not question them.
  16. Yea I agree...

    These were my exact words to him

    "Thats cool, its your decision man, if you change your mind then just ask me."
  17. hardly anyone NEEDS a blunt to the head... but who said you had to need something?? lol
  18. I don't know about needing but I sure wouldn't mind a blunt to the dome right about now.
  19. this makes sense. Sometimes I am too stressed out to smoke because I know I have shit to get done and if I smoke I will not get my stuff done and I will just have ended up wasting time.

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