My room got cleaned up today. By my parents.

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  1. So as the title already states, I came home to a, let's call it, interesting surprise tonight.
    First off, I live with my parents since I'm still in school. They kinda know about me smoking weed, but I never really told them any details or anything.
    Today I was out because I was trying out a new job, which turned out to be complete shit. Should've known before, who the fuck wants to buy fucking socks and candles off a teenager who comes to your door without any valid argument why these things are any good? So after a couple of hours of this, I had enough and decided to quit and return home.
    After 2 additional hours of waiting for busses and trains, I finally arrived home, just to be told that my parents had completely cleaned my room, and when I say completely I really mean completely. I stash my various toking tools in various places all around my room, and the moment I went into my room I knew that if my parents just kind of knew about my weed consumption, this had know changed. The box in which I have some old rolling papers which I don't really use anymore now stood in a very different spot than before. I went to open it, and discovered that know not only my old rolling papers were in the box, but all of my smoking equipment except for my two pipes, but including my vaporizer, grinder and every other baggie or rolling paper which I had somewhere in my room, and also my sploof.
    Luckily I didn't have to talk about it, and they didn't even try to bring it up, so I'm assuming they don't really think it's a big deal which I think is pretty awesome.

    tl;dr: parents cleaned room and found all my smoking stuff, but no punishment was received

    Anyone had similar experiences? Feel free to share!
  2. thats fun
  3. Talk to them about it just to see where they stand, nothing sucks more than your parents thinking your a junkie Or something

  4. I actually know that they don't, my mom used to smoke a little bit when she was my age, she's more worried about me getting arrested buying my weed than me actually smoking it, and I do decent in school, but I think it would be really weird to actually really talk about it with them :)
  5. Haha Yea I feel you, I told my mom that weed can cure cancer and she said no it doesn't its just to get high and I said no I read on the internet that it cures breast cancer and kills tumors, and she was like wow really? And I was like Yea its the best medicine in the world. A lady in India smoked weed and drank tea everyday and she lived to be 125 until she died last month, but she also smoked cigars so who knows if that has anything to do with it, and she didn't need a cane Or anythin to walk she could do everythin and she was normal. My Mom just said that's amazing and said so we should start smoking weed now? And laughed so I laughed too and said Yea if we get sick lol, parents don't know the facts about weed and I think they would appreciate it if you told them because I used to smoke all the time without knowing the benefits. I used to believe all the misinformation until I investigated it myself we have the internet now which they didn't have back then.
  6. I agree, the problem is just that the country where I live in has a seriously ridiculous attitude towards weed and drugs in general for that matter, so when you get busted you're pretty much screwed. But I haven't had any problems buying my weed until now, so I'm not that worried anything's actually gonna happen. I'm pissed off that the weed is so fucking expensive, and they don't even try to hide that they give you a lot less weed than they tell you that they do
  7. My parents found my stash back in high school. I was super pissed because i had just bought some really nice shit and had only smoked a bowl or two. They took my weed and my bowl but that was it.
  8. nah my parents trusted me to keep my own room clean homey...
  9. so.. where are your pipes?
  10. Back I the day my mom woul just go through my shit and it pissed me off... She knew I smoked tho so it wasn't ever hat she took my shit

  11. My glass pipe is actually lying very openly in a glasses (box)? or etui as I'd call it, since I wear glasses that's not really anything that would seem suspicious and neither does it have to be cleaned :smoke: I also have a piece pipe which is in a small wooden box which also doesn't have to be cleaned. I sincerely that they really just wanted to clean up and didn't mean to snoop, so that's why they left that alone
  12. Socks and candles, eh?
  13. My mom had recently cleaned my jacket. I was with my dad up north(divorced), the weekend she cleaned it. My dad doesn't rip, but used to, a lot. I didn't bring any ganj with me for the weekend. So when I get back on sunday, i'm in a pretty shitty mood. Second day of T-break (smoke everyday for about a year and a half now), guy isn't picking up his phone, dry as hell, and just wanted a hit to calm me.

    WELL i get home, and my mom goes "I cleaned your jacket. *holds up a bag*. I found this in it, I didn't wanna go through your room, and try to find ur other stuff so I could put it with it, so I thought i'd wait for you to get home just to give it to you". She hands it to me, and i instantly recognize the bag. (depending on which guy I go through, they use dif. bags, so I knew who it was from). WHen i grab the bag, i see a little line of shake at the bottom. :')

    I ran so fast up to my room, and it filled about half of my bong bowl. I somehow just managed to snap the whole thing. Within minutes I was soaring. After sitting for a few minutes, doing some stoned pondering, I ran downstairs and gave my mom a HUGE hug. She knows the exact reason why i was doing it, and just kinda smiled. She doesn't encourage smoking, but knows I don't drink or smoke cigs, and is glad I took the healthiest choice out of all of them.

  14. That sounds pretty awesome actually :smoke:
    I don't smoke openly in my room though, ain't gots the balls for that

  15. I know right? In retrospect it's fucking ridiculous
  16. Nice man.My dad always saw my bong,paper's and and never opened his mouth about them.
  17. Ah yes I remember being 16
  18. too bad he wasnt selling chocolate..

  19. I always thought it would be cool to have kinda strict parrents when it comes to weed and one day they find your peice and act all mad and say we'll talk about this tomorrow and the next day finding your peice on your bed freshly cleaned with a huge bowl packed in it
  20. Mom: (snickers) "it's so cute that he actually thinks that was it and nothing else happened."

    Dad: (chuckle) "Yeah, we got SOOO baked that night. Damn, that was good shit."

    Mom: "Yeah, we did! I wonder if he has any more..."


    (The only thing I find funnier than ignorant parents is kids who think they have ignorant parents):smoke:

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