My Rohto Cool eyedrops went through the washing machine, SAFE TO USE?

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  1. We all do it.. We leave lighters, money, bobby pins, and random junk in our pockets and we throw it in the wash not even thinking about checking the pockets. Well my Rohto's went through the wash. I found them at the bottom of the machine after taking all my clothes out so it didn't make it to the dryer. I need these babies because my medication makes my eyes so dry. If I leave them that way, it's not only uncomfortable but they turn bloodshot and people think I'm on something. This is just my Vyvanse by the way (equivalent to Adderal XR) if you know what a diuretic is.. Which all stimulants are, then you'll understand why. Different from stoned eyes.

    So these are reasons why I'm too lazy and need advice on what to do.
    1. I'm studying for a truck load of tests, I don't have time to go to the store at the moment.
    2. Oddly enough, the cap was still intact. Odd because it's more of a 'click in place' cap for those who have used Rohto's. It's not a screw on cap like Visine. So again, I found it after a complete cycle in the wash, INTACT.
    3. My concern. How much of the detergent suds could have squeezed through and under the lid adding to the eye drop solution? Note: I'm talking about Rohto Cool. This solution stings. So it's hard to tell if I'm putting in soap suds or if it's just the eyedrop solution alone. They both sting. Like getting shampoo in your eye.. (yes, I tried one drop in the corner of my eye and it felt good after the sting) now my eye is dry again and I need it and your advice.

    If you were in my situation. What the hell would you do? Keep using it? I prefer not to become blind.. I'm sure I'm not the only person that has had their Rohto's roll into the wash.

    Sorry for the essay. I took my addy late. (I'm prescribed, and I'm a lady. No hate messages please -.-)
  2. Have you touched the cap since getting it out of your pocket? If so the test is void.

    If not, submerge it in water. If there are any bubbles, throw it away.
  3. nothing gets rids rid of the red eyes like a little bit of detergent
  4. Found the whole Rohto bottle at the bottom of my washing machine. (after the wash cycle was complete) The cap was on the bottle, didn't budge.. That's why I question if it's usable or not. Obviously if the cap flew off with all my clothes being sloshed around, other shit would have gotten into the 'spout'. But it didn't fall off at all. I found it intact. I shook it up, and there were indeed bubbles. Every other Rohto bottle does the same. No joke intended in this. They aren't cheap.

    Fuck it, I resorted to a splash of water every 5 mins. My asian eyes may be small and worthless to the world but they are precious to me. I threw out my Rbot.
  5. Don't fuck with your eyes dude, just buy a new bottle, or don't use them at all.

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