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  1. (I put this in a comment on one of my other posts but figured I’d make it an actual post as well) Just a little something I thought I’d share about this epic failure of a grow lol (and the magic of rabbit manure) but tons of lessons learned, and really is a pictorial almost of me learning while really just fucking up lol anyway this plants been through hell. I started with 3 bagseeds in miracle gro that had been sitting for about 5 years in the backyard they grew like shit and looked like shit for obvious reasons. I saved up got better soil and some perlite and I transplanted. Didn’t water enough and they were out all day in 90+ degrees so long story short I lost 2 and this last one stunted for 2 weeks. I decided I was going to try to nurse it back to health as a learning experience using only organic products mainly rabbit poop. Well I fed it rabbit poo tea every other watering and also worked some pellets in the soil and sprayed the leaves every other day. So it was starting grow really nice and strong again and looked extremely healthy so I figured let’s flower it and see what happens. I left it in the dark for 24 hours then started 12/12. This was 3 days ago i think it’s showing sex already and I’m pretty sure I have my first female. I’ll add some pictures of the life cycle of this plant so far. Just goes to show how resilient these plants really are. This thing really took a beating and while it may not be a masterpiece by any means it was an extremely valuable learning experience for me and I’m lookin forward to finally getting into a flowering stage and getting hands on experience with this part of the grow. So here (she?) is the lone survivor. My second grow for everyone to see (be gentle I learned a lot lol)

    The shaky miracle gro, no drainage start, and my first lst attempt. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Transplant morning into Kellogg organic potting mix and perlite (doomsday)[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Transplant afternoon after having wet leaves and not enough water in extreme heat [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    So they were in pretty bad shape dead leaves all over so I cut off all the dead and damaged leaves to try to salvage everything. Went from something that looked a lot worse than this [​IMG]

    To this [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    I wish I had documented more in between here but I didn’t. So two stunted beyond repair and went to the compost pile. The survivor showed signs of life finally and became this Frankenstein looking thing here [​IMG]
    Look at the difference in colors and just overall health you can really see a huge transition from start to now of just not knowing shit to still not knowing shit but getting there lol

    So that brings us to my final picture of what I hope is my first female, I’ll know for sure in a couple days but here’s what it looks like today [​IMG]

    Well I hope you enjoy my failures everyone. I look forward to making a journal once my compost is finished and I order some feminized seeds for the first time, but hard lessons first. Happy to be able to see I’m progressing though.
  2. Hey, welcome to GC.

    Yep, so far she appears to be a girl.

    It's all a process dude. You're doing fine so far. My first grow was pitiful...

    You learn from your mistakes and you move on. You make changes and you try again. ;)

    If anything, this hobby is all about learning...and patience. Might be my bowl talking though... lol However, growing has changed me... :roflmao::roflmao::roflmao:

    Everyone has their setup that works for them based on everything they learn, every grow "thing" they can get their hands on and the space they have available to use. It's all about you learning YOUR grow. If the bug bites you, the grow will always be something you try to improve. In almost 2 years I've changed so many things each grow and it just keeps getting better.

    Good luck with yours!
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  3. Amen!
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  4. Thank you. That’s all I can do is keep learning.hands on is the best experience. She maybe a little rough but for my first female (I hope). I’m happy. But this just gives me some much more know how next time and with no till organic soil and aact tea for fertilizer I’m excited to see where I am a year from now. Just have to work hard and stay positive.
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  5. Bad news, not a female. Maybe I'll flower one day. Got a bagseed seedling but not doing anything else till i get some fem seeds. Made some bio char today though 20190618_195533.jpg 20190618_193218.jpg

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  6. My first grow i didnt get feminized seeds ended up all 3 plants were males fml... imo start with autoflowers theyre alot more forgiving then photoperiods... smallet yields but easier and more forgiving to errors
  7. I’ve heard mixed things about auto vs photo. I think one downside is if I screw up too bad I can’t just veg longer. When I get my fem seeds I’ll have to get one to try out.

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