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  1. Im making some delious ribs right. Its kinda like a recipe from the show Good Eats, which i love.

    What I do is take a slab of ribs. Cover them in dry rub and stick them in the fridge for at least an hour. I usually put it in overnight, but you need at least an hour. Then take them out and use extra wide alumminum foil and kinda make a bowl out of it and put you slab in there and then drench it in Italian seasoning or any kinda thick marinade you want. Then fold everything up so its like a pouch with the slab in it. And just pinch the sides and everything and make sure everythying it rolled up. Ten pre-heat the oven to 370. Once its up to temperature, stick em in and set the timer to an hour and 40 minutes. then turn them around and set it for another hour and 40 minutes. then set ur grill on high let that heat up and then cut the ribs in half or quarters cuz there gonna be really really tender. then stick them on the grill and reduce flame to medium. and put them on there for 5 minutes and then drench them in bbq sause. and leave them in there for another 5 minutes. then take them out and enjoy. I might take pictures when there done.

    If you have a recipe for ribs or something delicous on the grill, like steak and what not. Do share.
  2. cook a slab for 4 hrs @ 250 degrees ..... apply a thick coating of bbq sauce every hr...... you'll never make it any other way trust me.
  3. ^^That's almost how I do them.

    On the grill for 4 hours (wrapped in foil) at 250 degrees. But I only add bbq sauce for the last 1/2 hour or so.

    Other then smoking them, it's the best way to cook ribs.
  4. yea u are gonna want to slow cook them for a while usually i like to cook in even then bring to grill to sear them

  5. I wish I had a smoker or whatever you call them lol.
  6. I smoke my ribs for 4-5 hours. Best shit ever.

  7. I've yet to have REAL smoked ribs.
  8. not me i do some bomb ass beef ribs with a lime mainade and lime bbq sauce. its soo good ull smack ur momma!!!!
  9. damn, if you ever come to Texas put that on the top of your to-do list.
  10. [​IMG]

    MMmmmmmmm Ribs :D

    jk jk I hate those

    But yeah well cooked ribs with the right BBQ sauce and some ranch are the shit!

  11. most def.

  12. that pic reminds me of the horrible rib sandwiches we had back in elementary school lmao.
  13. Here are some pictures








    Look how clean those bones are.

  14. Damn man, those look awesome. But like stated above I like to just let them slowcook all day long and then after a long day of drinking beer they are ever so tender.
  15. Fuck your making me hungry for some ribs....

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