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  1. So right now i am in highschool and everyone tells you you have to plan out your life and know what you want to do when you grow old. Its because of these people i have developed an idea and want to know what you guys think about it.

    I think i am good at helping people so i would want to do something along the lines of a therapist or helping people you know. Also a good amount of teens are sent to therapy and hate it and sit there just waiting for it to be over. Other adults actually seek help and seldom find it. idea would be first weed would be legal and i would have to go through college and get my therapist hd or whatever is liek a phd for those people. Next i would have to get a loan or something and open up my own practice. It would be called THerapy 420 or something like that. When i have a customer it is my obligation to help them and listen to them. What better way to do this then sharing a blunt with that person. Old or young black or white doesnt matter.

    I think that smoking a blunt while talking to someone is a good way for people to feel more comfortabel and say their true feelings and what not. It would get more emotional because we would both be baked as fuck and solving our life problems. It will help develop good bonding between me and the person and i think they would be more inclined to come back and have another seshion. ha ha what do you think who would come to me
  2. There are some places that weed is good for therapery is one of them think about it...

    a bunch of depressed people who dont know how weed affects them smokes a gram then talks about his problems + using this method they could become dependant on it

    in theory a good idea but in practice a trainwreck
  3. It would never work as a business due to sanitary reasons. Also what if someone got too baked and pulled a weapon and fucked shit up? There'd be too many risks with Therapy 420, sorry.

  4. well why would you go if youve never smoked weed before

  5. what sanitary reasons like the herps? id have a sheet u gotta fill out..and i didnt kno weed made u shoot people
  6. i dunno if this is a joke or not. if its a serious then this is a pretty silly idea

  7. blow me
  8. Some may call it a silly idea, and while it may not be practical I believe you could find a way to make it work. I would deff be interested in working somewhere like that. :] Helping people and smoking, awesome idea bro. + rep
  9. weed doesnt make anyone shoot people neither does alcohol or any other substance, its underlying mental issues brought out by mind altering substances that can and do...

    basing a medical practice on weed is as stupid as basing psychology on anti-depressants, theres alot more to why people have mental issues than just needing a pill or a joint.

    and the idea of starting your own practice strait out of college is just plain stupid.
    You have to "pay your dues" and actually work in a field before doing something like that, how many med students open up a practice right out of med school? very few..and how many of those are successful? even less.

    would you trust a lawyer who has their own practice with no real world experience?
  10. ok obviously i wouldnt just go right into it like there would have to b mad planning going on but this is just like the idea of blazin and therapy hahaha...and im not saying that weed will like cure them or whatever its just an enhancer and would make them relax and feel more comfortable or something like that not like anti depressents
  11. I definitely can see and understand myself better when I'm high
    I think it's a great idea, but I'm doubting the reality of it,
    good luck with it though

    ps. what if you had to treat like 20 patients dude, .. 20 blunts *cough* that would be brutal imo

  12. the more blunts, the better
  13. Hahahaha

  14. Hahah :smoking:

    I like the idea, alot. You may not have to have the therapy be 100% weed oriented, but incorporating marijuana with some patients, in some situations may prove beneficial.

    Like i said, i like the idea +rep sir
  15. this is like a rough draft haha
  16. OK, dude, first of all, don't be outright rude when someone comments as to this being a silly idea. You posted this for a reason, to obtain feedback.

    Unfortunately, I happen to agree with the person who thought the idea was silly, to an extent. Sure, get your degree in some kind of therapy, but really ask yourself how in the hell is sharing a blunt (especially with someone who has never inhaled burning plant matter into their lungs) going to help them with a mental issue?

    Physical, sure I could understand (again, to an extent), but becoming a medical doctor to prescribe MMJ doesn't sound like the avenue you want to go down.

    Mental therapy and using MJ to help? Sorry, in a sesh among friends, sure I can see how it helps, but in a professional atmosphere, I guess I've got my reservations when spending $100/hour talking to my therapist who is baked off his ass at the time.

    Just my advice, take it or leave it.
  17. Dude, you asked for opinions regarding your idea.

    If you're gonna respond like that, then damn. What do you want to hear - what you want to hear???

    And this thing is a pipe dream because weed isn't even legal!!!!

    Even if it was you would have to cut through miles of red tape.

    Don't be a dick when people give you opinions on something YOU asked for.

    Right? Am I wrong Eugoogully man???
  18. sounds like a clever idea, as long as they arent heavily dependant on weed.. lol. (the certain people who get addicted).

    I'd love to be able to sit there and smoke a j with my therapist :)

    i always wanted to be a drug counsellor specifically working with prostitutes, helping them get off drugs.

  19. eL Oh eL :laughing:

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