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  1. So i'm going to write a review about the seeds I ordered from
    So ordered the seeds on the 20th of this month.
    I got them on the 28th UK to Oregon
    got the 60 seeds for 60USD
    I'm in the process of germination:
    4 of each
    White Widow
    Himalayan Gold
    Super Silver Haze


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  2. Holy got them in 8 days? in florida, they shipped on june 9th...have not received. I bought the same pack and several reg. seeds.They wont respond. Guess if i don't get them next weel i will contest the charge. Thought it would be legit since they used google check out.
    My bro had given me autofem ak47 x lowryfer, and autofem blue mystic, not sure from where...cant ge them to germ. well.i got 2 to germ but they only got seed leaves and leaves!!..tries scouring the seeds...a little tap root tries to come ot but it was all sticky and soft...but not rotten...b pure white....used to grow 20 years ago with good success...through seed in water over day most were poppin....grrrrr.
  3. I'd say call your bank now
    They don't send you the product they guaranteed
    From 20 seeds I tried germatation
    Only 2 germ
    Plus they don't get back to you at all

    My bank gave me my money back and contested it with them

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