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My results from using the Cannabrex Kit!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Lexus_Rolla, May 9, 2006.

  1. Dissapointing to say the least. I bought the 3x kit and after shipping it was $70. But man was I psyched because I thought these pills would get me straight up fucked. Blah on that.

    Kit got here in about 5 days. I made the first batch saturday before work. Took about an hour or so. Everything was much smaller than I thought as well as much smaller than it appeared on their website. The bud I used was mid-grade. The website mentions nothing about the quality of bud necessary. I would suggest using the best shit you can which makes it even worse because if you ever want to make your money back by flipping the pills you have to raise the price to cover all costs and most people aren't going to want to pay what you want per pill.

    I followed the instructions to a T and the pills were mostly a flop. I took one saturday night a couple hours before I got off. Its said that by 2 hours you should really start feeling effects. I got a slight buzz off one pill. I took 2 the next afternoon and I felt absolutley nothing 2 hours into it. I was so dissapointed. My other gripe is that the capsules are not secure at all. I had oily green shit leaking all over the pill bottle even after I went through every capsule and closed each one tightly.

    All in all it was basically a waste of $70 and 7g of bud. I'm not dissing the product as its quite ingenious and making the pills was a lot of fun. I suppose I could've fucked up the decarboxylation because I did cut a couple corners due to being pressed for time. If I run into an abundance of dank one day I might try making another batch.
  2. man that sucks, ive heard of those, and have always wondered.

    Thanks though for the good review, and i hope you have better luck next time.
  3. Might it have anything to do with your tolerance?
  4. good to know. though I think you still gain a good deal of health benefits from consuming any amount of cannabis.

    I would just invest in a vape. I've decided my next piece will be a vape no matter what, all I need is . . . money, lol.
  5. good read. and better luck next time. you are the only person i know that has tried this and i would love to hear from someone else
  6. while it is possible the kit probably cuts corners all by itself

    you'd get good results starting with bho extract

    I'd rather cut the bullshit skip the ooo ahh of the capsule and whip up some kick ass oil laced junkfood maybe even rip off that lunchable loot candy concept and make poprock infused crunch bars with thc shaped like rat/cat/dog ect shit for the heck of it

  7. WTF?? so you didn't follow the instructions
  8. The thing with pills is that they don't work for everyone. They straight fuck me up and I've made them several times. But everytime I've made them I've used the serious chronic. Mid-grade was a bad idea in my opinion. All my friends who made them used hash/kief and it fucked them up pretty bad too.

    I think using mid-grade is just unrealistic... you have this amazing product, and you're like oh... on top of that I'll get some shitty weed to save money. By cutting corners like that you have to expect to have a low quality product.

    What corners id you cut in the decarb step?

  9. When I broke up the bud by hand I weighed it out at over 6.5g to compensate the bag holding the bud. However I did not re-weigh it after grinding it up. So it is a possibility that I lost weight in the grinding step because my bud is compacted.

    That's the first thing. After that I seriously did follow the directions exactly as written. I added 6 "regular size" droppers as written. However, after the final product was completed my capsules were very leaky so it could be possible I got too much of the Cannabrex oil in there. The directions said leave it in a medium boil for 30 minutes and I left in there I think 27. I was pressed for time and wanted to get going and I figured 3 minutes wouldn't make that much of a difference.

    And yes you are supposed to use hash or oil if you have it. If I had hash I probably wouldn't waste more time/ money making pills. I've read several other reports and comments by the maker of the product and he said if you did use bud quality of the bud did not make that much of a difference. I read several reports where people used high quality bud and experienced the same results as I did. I do also think that tolerance does play a role. One couple said a single pill knocked the wife on her ass but it took 4-6 for the husband to get it going.

    I might try to make another batch I just haven't decided if I want to risk losing more bud for this.
  10. if you try again and you really did follow that close this time then use 2x the bud if its midgrade again and bho honey oil extract it before hand

    it may seem stupid to extract and all that twice but using compact fully extacted honeyoil (something I'd question with this system) will make dosage easy to work and the final product with oil as its base will probably be pliable like bubble hash easy to fit in capsules or add as food topping

  11. Well the problem with simply adding more bud is that you add a certain amount of filler powder and a certain amount of the 3x formula. I'm not sure if those numbers are intended to scale or not. I also don't know anything about the honey extraction. After everything is put together you have to remix everything until it is completely homogenous.

    Oh and one other thing. I didn't use shitty midgrade bud to save myself money. I used that because that's all I have. If I had an ounce of stellar bud I'd grind it all up in my coffee grinder and collect the deposits from the lid and use that to make pills, but frankly I don't want to spend all that money and do all that work for some pills. Damn just stick it in a vaporizer.
  12. honey is simple

    you're handy right?

    you'll need a tube that can be screened off on one end and reduced to fit the opening of a butane refill

    most use a stainless steel turkey baster some screen cheese cloth or similar and a wormclamp

    the clamps they use to secure hoses over barbs that screw tight

    you fill the tube add the cloth then screen clamp it down and begin forcing butane through the herb filled tube over a pyrex/bakelite dish outdoors with an oven mit on the hand holding the tube

    do this over and over till you get no more brownish tinted liquid

    the butane will slowly evape at room temp so leave it outside to reduce

    you'll end up with a very honey like oil that mixes with bud great or cooks up in foods like ramen

    some like this stuff more then bubble hash as it really is of a higher thc content by the very nature of its extraction you also retain the buds flavor as some of the oils extract as well
  13. I havent been smoking weed for a very long time, and im a fairly light smoker...
    (maybe once every couple of weeks) so i dont have a tolerance. AND im a lightweight.
    But recently, i got really fuckin' stoned and i ate around 3 or 4 medium to large sized bowls of extremely potent weed because i was very hungry and thought it might help, not realizing what i was eating. i just ate what was in my hand. for the following five or six days, I would wake up in the morning and, around 9 o' clock, it would hit me in the face like a ton of bricks and stay on and off until i went to sleep.
    Reminder: It was GOOD shit. good as in you'd take 5 hits and be sitting on the couch for 16 hours, trying to remember how to put a movie in the DVD player.

    Im afraid that pills would be similar, and i would suggest sticking with pipes and paper. Most digestive systems move slowly, and the weed will stay in your body for days on end, eventually engraining itself in your fat cells. Youll get a really long, unpleasant high. All of the blurring and stupidity without the unending abundant hilarity for mundane actions, thoughts, and objects. your lungs, on the other hand, have much less of a chance of it coming back to you at random.


  14. not to hijack your thread but whats you just said is completly bogus! thc will not break down in your system if you just eat a normal bud. it needs to be heated to a specific temp. i believe in excess of 220deg. (dont quote me) so if you just ate a bud you would feel no effects.

    i would definatly try this but i dont know about 70 and 7gs thats alot money weed and time.

  15. Dude, wow, no offence..but i just read that...and i stared at my computer for atleast 15 minutes...and you... automatically made me peak on mushrooms...and i didnt even eat any...
  16. You should try the pills again, with some dank, now that you've tried it and everything you have more of an experiance, i wanna try this.
  17. I run I would really like to post this review if I can have your permission. This is totally something that we should let others know, don't need to waste our time on a useless kit like this. Im sure there are much better ones out there. :wave:

  18. Hi there. I am the maker of the Cannabrex Kits and i just noticed your thread today.
    I'm glad there is at least a discussion of our products, albeit one-sided.

    As to your comments:
    "Everything was much smaller than I thought as well as much smaller than it appeared on their website."
    We are not sure what you mean here, but the photos we post on our website are real photos taken by myself and do not try to make anything appear larger than they are. Most of the items are standard pharmaceutical and nutriceutical components.
    Our only goal was to make it easy for people to make their own THC capsules, beacuse we found a very simple yet effective method which uses 2 revolutionary formulas.

    "if you ever want to make your money back by flipping the pills you have to raise the price to cover all costs and most people aren't going to want to pay what you want per pill."
    We honestly did not think people were going to make and sell our capsules, but we make ours quite inexpensively, using our own kif powder.

    "I took one saturday night a couple hours before I got off. Its said that by 2 hours you should really start feeling effects. I got a slight buzz off one pill.'
    I would question your tolerance. We aren't magicians. But, we will say that our formulas allow the THC to enter your bloodstream before most other chemicals because of our specially formulated Cannabrex Oil Blend. Additionally, Cannabrex 3X increases the rate of absorption into the bloodstream. Ultimately, if you swallowed 0.5 grams of raw cannabis buds, and the next day you swallowed Cannabrex Capsules made with 0.5 grams raw cannabis buds, you would mopst definitely notice a big difference in terms of onset time, level of effectiveness, and duration of the effects.

    "My other gripe is that the capsules are not secure at all. I had oily green shit leaking all over the pill bottle even after I went through every capsule and closed each one tightly."
    All you had to do was add a little more Excipient Powder to achive the right consistency. Had you emailed us, we would have helped you.
  19. Would you be opposed to posting some positive reviews as well? I have tons of satisfied clients.

    Also , there are no other THC encapsulation kits out there, never mind better ones!

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