My Remix/Cover to Mac Millers Best Day Ever, let me know what you think.

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  1. Bonus track to my Mix-tape "Making Things Right" I love the beat. I've only been rapping for 6 months now so don't be to harsh with the comments, I'm looking for constructive criticism so I can get better.

  2. I just don't like your sound man, it's way too passive
  3. I feel you I've gotten that quite a bit. I'm still working on my confidence with my voice and the mic. I havent been doing it for a very long time and I really need to start practicing on a daily basis. Other than that what are your thoughts?
  4. not bad lyrics but you gotta be raw man. show some emotion. it sounds like your just reading off a page in your hand. OH and dont have " trying to quit smoking to avoid cancer" if your audience is going to be mostly tokers. at least mention tobacco in that line to avoid confusion. 
    and just to reiterate NIGGGGAAAA GETTT RAWWWW! im talking eddie murphy in a leather suit raw. 
  5. Gotcha man. I feel you, I'll start practicing some new vocals haha.
  6. think about how Kendrick sounded in the control verse. That made such an impact because he had so much emotion. He damn near growled in those lines

    All of my glass has meet a series of unfortunate events, I bought a new beaker bottom and named him Lemony Snickets
    See with this Mix-Tape I'm working on I was tryin to use a chill flow but I guess its not really appealing but I will start taking peoples advice, but in other words tell me what you think about this one.
  8. chill works VERY well man i love chill lines if it feels truly chill not forced. look up sam lachow hash muffins on youtube. if you need lessons on chill hip hop that song is the dictionary definition man  
  9. I will do that in a few minutes actually thank you for the recomendation, you have been a lot of help and I'm glad you're not a troll. Do you have any thoughts on the unfinished song I just posted?
  10. that all you do is spit wack lines claim to bring your crew, bring your crew if thats what you need to do is a cold ass line man. really most of your verses show really damn good potential it just needs heart. honestly it sounds like your not sure of your self on the mic, when what you need to do is not give a FUCK what people think about your skills. make dope songs full of emotion and verse that means something to you. and people will listen, dont go changing or becoming a studio gangster cause thats what you think people want. People want to hear music the artist enjoyed making. thats why lazers, the album lupe was forced to do by his label was trash compared to his earlier work. his early work he made because he enjoyed making, not because it would make it possible for his 4 car garage to become a 5 car. If youve a life of violence in the streets than do what the game did, and tell your stories. if you had a fucked up childhood turn it into fuel for that creative fire and pull the marshall mathers. If all youve done is smoke weed and chill with your boys then make music about smoking weed and chilling with your boys man, ill call that pulling the asher roth. 
    PS: you sound white and said the N word like 4-5 times. eminem is a rap legend. if any white guy has earned his strips its him and hes still never used the N word on a track. not even the one he wrote about how much he hated black girls. you can find it out there somewhere. its pretty fucked up but a good song none the less, its coming from a dark place.
  11. I really appreciate all the feedback. You are right I am white but hang around black people all the time, my girlfriend is black. I dont try to use the word to much just a few recent songs that I have done uses it a couple of times :p
  12. haha im a black guy that lives in the middle of the whitest tri county area in my state, im really ok with anyone saying the N word as long as it comes from a place of love. you just have to remember not everyone that listens to your music will get to have a long forum based conversation the artist and little things become big things if you become a big artist. 
    haha heres another one I just made a few mins ago tried showing a little more enthusiasm. I just really gotta find a way to let it all out.
  14. not bad man. i like it. you should try experimenting with different voice inflections. B real from cypress hill doesnt sound even remotely the same when hes talking compared to spitting, he changes his voice and with it lets it all out. 
  15. Im gonna take your advice man, I really appreciate it. I'll remember you on here.
  16. haha if you make it big i call dibs on being your security. much love man, i hope one day im sitting in a room with my friends trying to convince them this conversation happened while listening to your album.  

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