My relationship with my dad.

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  1. Hey GC. I don't really know what to do here I live at home with my parents and I'm taking a year out before college. My mum and I get on really well, we have the same personality type and we always have pretty deep conversations about how corrupt the government is etc etc. But my dad was brought up in an old fashioned sense and has a very closed mind. He thinks smoking weed is what drop outs do, he's not very educated on drugs, he doesn't think our government is very corrupt, he's basically a simple man.

    But I don't know how to live with him anymore because I know it's hurting my mum when we have arguments.

    Any advice blades?
  2. If he is really stuck in his ways theres no changing it so maybe stop smoking or dont let him know u smoke?
  3. What kind of arguments do you get into to? Are they about trivial things or actually important things? If they're about random mundane things, just don't argue with him. Let him win if you have to.
  4. Yeah I probably will, but it's not just smoking. It's other things, but I can't actually recall right now.

    Yeah that's what I'm gonna try to start doing, we're just 2 completely different people. Oh and the whole of his side of the family is the same :eek:.
  5. just chill, let him believe whatever he wants to believe. If he thinks weed is bad and you cant convince him otherwise in a friendly way than don't try to change his mind about anything because he deserves to believe whatever he wants.

    Just let him know what you believe and dont try to change his mind. Maybe that will change his mind actually.
  6. Mainly because it's a topic on ABC today(easier to bring up a subject of discussion that is relevant), but perhaps sitting down and watching The Union with your Dad might help?

    I know the feeling though, my Dad is pretty much the same way. Closed-minded, and probably very hard to convince otherwise. Although it might be worth a shot, never know.

    You could at least have your Mom watch it with you anyway, sounds like she would be open to the idea.
  7. Go to college and move out.
  8. Your dad has to be at least in his 40s. Go medical on him!

    What are his problems? High blood pressure? Diabetes? Bad back?

    Does he fear getting diabetes, MS, Alzheimer's, cancer, or Parkinson's? Cannabis can be a preventive medicine! :hello:

    Does he drink?- cannabis helps to prevent alcohol damage to the brain.

    Use his ailments and fears to educate him! Go down to my sig and start reading the MMJ studies, then share them with him (you might want to do it on facebook or at - you don't have posts complaining about him there! ;) ).

    Medical studies are hard to argue against and you are showing him SOMEONE ELSE'S MEDICAL WORK- you aren't involved with the scientific study at all, so it will be harder for him to "attack" you. Scientific research presents the medical FACTS- and surely he doen't have a problem with actual medical facts! And the dudes who wrote the studies all have PhD or MD behind THEIR names....does he?

    Try to maintain a calm and rational stance- getting mad only hurts what you are trying to do!

    Granny :wave:
  9. Move out, u can still stay close with your mum. tell your dad, i'm old enough to whatever i want to, and if u dont like it then thats your problem.

    glad my parents arent like that. when i was at school one day they were bringing vans of police men and sniffer dogs, the lot, to talk to the students about prison.

    i told my parents i was paranoid as fuck if they would smell weed on me (always had a spliff before school) or know i was high, so they let me take the day off. :smoking:

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