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my regular dealer spoils me, i think.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by notelliot, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. he wasn't around last night, so i bought from his cousin. i got some dank hydro for 4g/$40, and i felt ripped off haha.

    my regular dealer would give me a quarter for that. but got in my car and came to realise that 4 for 40 isn't that bad.. :smoke:
  2. Damn you are spoiled. Enjoy that $40 dollar quad when you can get it......


    I get so jelous when reading on the city.
  3. Damn, for Dank bud I'd say 4 for 40 is even being spoiled.
  4. man, I am getting fuckin' ripped off in santa barbara. i usually buy from my 'friend' (friends are supposed to hook you up right??) and pay 50/8th. sometimes it's dank, sometimes it's schwag. I need a new dealer. :(
  5. Same^
  6. It depends on your area. $40/4g of dank would be a great price here, I usually pay about $50 for an 8th of some dank and maybe $80 for a quarter-zip.
  7. yeah 4g for 40 isnt that bad
    10 a gram

    if you buy a quarter for 100, that means you spent 14 a gram
  8. i've got a *great* connect for some good stoney mids (not the prettiest, but a good high) that runs me about $100 an ounce - but i really want to find some good dank bud that doesn't cost me an arm and a leg. we've got one guy that can always find it, but it's so freaking expensive! $120/quarter, with no quantity discount for an ounce! 4g for 40... damn, thats like $150 an ounce cheaper than what i can pay for dank - don't bitch too much =)

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