My record just mysteriously disapeared. Like for real......

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  1. Ok, so about 3 months ago I got busted driving around with some bud. No big deal. I went to court, paid them $600, and got on with my life. Well like a week ago I got a phone call saying I needed to come to the court house to discuss my case. I thought my case was over, so I went yesterday to see what they were talking about. Well I got the court house, and I was talking to this lady and she was just like “The plant matter you had on you did not test positive for marijuana.” And then she handed me some paper work and was like “If you fill this out we can refund your fines and this will all be taken off your record”, So I was like “…………FUCK YEAH” and I signed it. I took that $600 and went and bought 2oz of some purp after that.
    But then I got to thinking, I GREW THE POT I GOT BUSTED WITH. It was Lowryder 2 from the joint doctor. There's no fucking way that pot was fake. I've been smoking for 12 years and I know what real bud is. So I started digging a little into, and MY ENTIRE CRIMINAL RECORD IS GONE :eek:. I had a DUI, another possession charge, an assault charge (some dude tried to rape my girlfriend so I kicked his ass), and a fleeing arrest charge (street racing). And its all GONE. Like straight up GONE. I called the court house, they couldn't find any other files on me other than my most recent possession charge.
    Then I proceeded to spend over $100 on three different online back ground checks, and their CLEAN. I cant even find the fucking mugshot from when I got that DUI. Its like somebody just cleared me. Its sketchin me out because I mean, this shit just doesn't happen lol. I keep trying to think of a logical explanation and I just cant seem to think of one. Part of me wants to just not question it and be happy with the fact my records gone. But the other half of me wants to know what the hell is going on.:confused:

    Does anybody else see this as extremely weird?:confused:
  2. Just consider yourself lucky :smoke:
  3. Obviously what happened here was the guy who was testing your weed, blazed it all and accidently wiped your record.
  4. Dude thats lucky. I too would be way to curious to let it slip.
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    You're record isn't gone, it's sealed. Youthful offender.

    Lol @ them saying it was fake weed, you probably bought some seed online that was scientifically altered to not produce THC and other noids lol!
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    Like this guy said.

    He 'tested' the weed. Said "damn this is good shiiiiit". The rest was history
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    Im 24. I dont think that counts as "Youth" :rolleyes:
    I know how the system works, and if I was >18 I would know that was the reason. But obviously its not. Oh, and it got me fucked up, so yeah, im pretty sure it contained THC lol
  8. He smoked your bud and replaced it with someones bush fell asleep on his keyboard and deleted your existance haha. ;)

    Nah seriously I haven't a clue just count yourself lucky and even more lucky to get the 600 back and buy some sweet buddage. :)


  9. Lol then i don't believe this.

    "Oh sir here is your ticket fees back in cash, that pot you had on you? Oh yea it was fake, no thc at all, so all those charges are dropped. Oh guess what, your entire record is also cleared!"

    Doesn't happen.
  10. You sir, won the lottery of life. You must have done some seriously good shit because it looks like karma is really smiling on you.
  11. If I was going to troll itd be alot more interesting than this. Im dead serious. Shit has me confused. Go back to snorting your coke now bro :rolleyes:
  12. maybe someone hacked your police department and deleted records or some shit
  13. You never should've solved that puzzle...

  14. Yeah I've gotten 5 misdemeanors. Some place just sent me a copy of background check that they ran for a job application and it didn't have any of my misdemeanors. So I've been telling every place I applied for a job at the last 2 years when that I have misdemeanors when I could of said nothing. I still wonder how none of them show
  15. you should go rob a bank and see if you get caught...
  16. [ame=]The Twilight Zone Theme - YouTube[/ame]

    That is fucking weird. I would give ANYTHING - ANYTHING to get my record cleared.

    Good for you, though!
  17. The mob cleared your record so when your murdered the police department won't have any forensic evidence to identify your body.

    Never mess with the mafia ;)
  18. Yep, the people who want you dead erased any information about you. You will be eliminated and no one will look for you. Your SSN doesn't even exist anymore.
  19. ^^^ thats funny cuz i stole this itallian guys girlfriend a couple weeks ago........ no joke lol. i still think this situation is fucking weird. ive decided not to dig any deeper tho. my life is too weird yo

  20. misdemeanors dont show up on job applications. only felonies.

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