My Recently Illustrated Portraits

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by llllllllll, Apr 13, 2016.

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  1. Yooo your work is nice as fuck!!! I really dig it and you have amazing illustrator skills!! I need you to put me on and share a few tips! I mostly work with Photoshop but I've been trying to branch out and use other Adobe products

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  2. I'll walk you through my process and hopefully that will give you some ideas

    Basically I work from references images that I think look cool. Usually it helps if they are high res but not always.

    I place the reference image in illustrator on bottom layer and lock it after figuring out the composition/placement of the face I like... then I get my color palette picked, usually 5-7 colors total. I almost always use the same shade of dark blue/dark purple as my darkest color and then a mix of pastelle and or neon chromatic colors.

    btw I only use pen tool and pencil tool, nothing more. Basically I use the PENCIL tool almost 100% on the darkest blue layer, and the pen tool in geometric type shapes in the rest of the color layers.. I start by finding the darkest points / spots on the face which need to be detailed in order for a good facial structure to come out of it in the dark blue color you see in all my work. I usually find myself adding/subtracting from this layer throughout the portrait until its to my liking.

    After I have a decent map of the darkest spots in the portrait/face I move on from darkest to lightest (usually, sometimes its in a random-ish order) layering the face up according to what my eyes see as similarly lit colors on the face. Here is the pic of floyd that I used so you can compare it a bit to my final result.


    it helps to find faces that have a lot of details in them to start with.. which is why I tend to not do portraits of females.. they typically try to hide all types of marks which make portraiture special imo.. its very hard (for me) to create a decent female portrait from an image.... heres one I did but I wasn't particularity happy with the facial result in the end but whatever.


    After I get everything how I want it in illustrator.. I save it as a high res PNG and bring it over to photoshop to do whatever final detailing I like. So basically anything that looks like blurry or has a "bloom" effector textured was done via photoshop in about 5 or so layers.

    LMK if you have any specific questions.
  3. My biggest tip for you would be to find a style you like and to try and emulate it until you have comparable or better results. That is gonna be the fastest way for you to hone your skills in on your own. Dont worry about watching tutorials or anything like that; find an image you like that was graphically designed- dissect it in terms of how you think it was made and try to replicate something like it.

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