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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by brian hobo, Jan 31, 2004.

  1. a kid i know who deals works at a local candy/chocolate shop up the street, so i decided to stop by today. i talked to him earlier on his cell and i was gonna get an eighth for $40. i stopped by and picked up a chocolate bar. he went a got a bag, stashed the weed in it, and loaded it with gummy bears. which he didnt charge me for. i payed him $41...i got gummy bears and a damn good chocolate bar for $1! what a great deal.

    here are the big nugs with my glass jar i use to stash it in. although it doesnt look it, the 2" jar is about half full with these nugs taken out:

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  2. and here is a decent close up of my nugs (sorry for the bright flash):

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  3. damn, much better than the pot i got right now! wait, i dont have any pot right now... but my statement still stands!

    ps- white gummy bears are the best, followed by red.
  4. i ate them all before i smoked these 2 bowls and now i feel dumb :( its too cold to go walk and get more.

    i already smoked 2 bowls of that and rolled a fat joint, and there's still a bunch of decent nugs left. this bag was real chunky.

    me and my brother are home alone for the night and he has some buddies over. we already rolled 2 blunts and have maybe 5 bowls worth of weed, not including mine. i guarantee ill get so stoned tonight.

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