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My recent Pickup of Juicy Fruit

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by M_A_R_K, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. mmm i got a half zip/$110 :) , this shit smells real dank, it seeps through the bag and reaks my room of dank goodness, its very dense it looked like i got a quarter at first but it turned out to be 14 grams on the scale!



  2. You enjoy that my friend :) It looks yo be an indica dom. to me... What's the high like?

    Oh, and +rep for that huge nug :smoking:
  3. Damn, son! It looks nice and dense where a tiny amount would break up huge in a grinder. Very nice pick up.
  4. Have fun with that, Juicy Fruit is one of my favorites for sure.
  5. ya juicy fruit is great at any time

    I remember I picked up a quarter of this "super" juciy fruit and the buds were straight white with trichromes. it was fluffy too

    but ya that looks delicious, hows the taste??
  6. the taste blows your mind, and the high is amazing, very potent buds for sure :hello:
  7. ive had some bigger denser and skunkiest juicy fruit ever.. best highs too.. enjoy..
  8. juciy fruit the taste is going to move you!!!!!!!

  9. lmao i liked that commericial!

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