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  1. Me and my GF broke up back @ the beginning of August.
    I had told myself that I would focus on the gym, and getting back to my old weights and body shape. My mentality wasn't there though, I knew that and I was just kidding myself really. 
    A few days ago, one night I was having a little moment just taking everything thats happened in my life into account and realizing that I am not happy with my weight, my body shape, etc. and to get my lazy motherfuckin ass back into the gym. 
    Next day came around and it was Monday, the first day back in the gym.
    Starting monday I had already started to eat clean. Cut out all the bad stuff like pizza, pop, fast food in general. Started a program called Shortcut to Size. Its a bulking program. Have done it twice but the 2nd time I wasn't eating right so that was that. Made massive gains in the first run of it though, turned out to be one of my favorite programs.
    Monday: Chest/Triceps/Calves - CHECK
    Tuesday: Back/Bicep/Abs - CHECK
    Wednesday: Rest Day (I designated this day for grocery shopping as well)
    Thursday: Shoulders/Traps/ Calves
    Friday: Legs/Abs
    Sat & Sun: Rest Day
    Anyways, I'm nice and sore now and I feel really motivated to be honest. 
    Moving on and changing yourself  is hard but you can't take your body where your mind won't go.

  2. break-ups are a great motivator :)
    so if anything use that a positive energy... 
    cheers  :smoke:
    That's the plan man. Being in university, it aint always the easiest considering friends asking you to hit up parties, etc. And then you say no and think you're a loser/lame. Lol but fuck that, IDC.
    My idea of having fun isn't drinking myself into a hangover...sorry.
  4. Wait. So what was the realization?

    Just that you needed a lifestyle change?

  5. No, his realization was that the real girlfriend this whole time was the barbell in the gym room.
    Thanks for the motivating story :)

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