My real attempt at helping homeless people.

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  1. So I live in Colorado and just like everywhere, there are homeless people everywhere. This makes me sad. Anyways I'm house-sitting for my sister who lives just on the edge of downtown. So you take this exit, 20th street to get here and there is usually a homeless person at the top of this exit ramp. So i always try to give the homeless people I see something to eat and so recently I put some granola bars in my car to feed the homeless,so i was driving to my sisters house two days ago and saw a homeless guy there who had a sign that read "I bet you a dollar you read this." I was so excited to give this guy my granola bar seriously.:hello: So I put it outside my window for him and he came over and acted all disgusted an ignored my granola and walked away. So whatever I got over it. But today on my way here I smoked a blunt and was so high. So I took 20th st. and I saw a guy with a sign and all i could read on it was "homeless" and "God bless" so i tried giving this guy my granola once again excited!!!:hello: So when i got close enough i slowed down cause the light was green and it turns out it was the same guy who had that other sign and he rudely refused my granola bar again. Hahaha:smoke:
  2. the term "beggers cant be choosers" dosnt apply in real life
  3. that homeless person confuses me, why the fuck would anyone turn a granola bar down? hell even I would of taken it and saved it for later lol.

    Has to be the most douchy homeless person ever.
  4. Haha thats pretty funny.
  5. fuck that guy, nice thing youre doing though.
  6. "Here you go, sir. A nice sandwich."
    "...I said a dollar, bitch!"
  7. we all know that he wants money for drugs not granola bars.. goddamnit
  8. The only time any man would turn down a sandwich!!;)

  9. haha i was thinking of that while reading this.
  10. most of the homeless are homeless because they spend all there money on drugs. now drug dealers dont usually take granola as currency for drugs.

    I had a guy tell me he hasnt eaten in 3 days and he needed money for food. so i said come in the store with me and pick something out to eat and i will buy it for you. he got so pissed off and said "it aint like that man" and "your an asshole" to me.

    there are homeless shelters and soup kitchens in every major city so i refuse to help any bums who ask for money.
  11. They could sell it to someone else for a dollar!! Or eat it when they had the munchies!!
  12. he probably wants money for herion, fuck a granola bar
  13. A granola bar wont get him high. Best sign I've ever seen being held by a homeless person. " Why lie, I want beer"
  14. You can't shoot up granola.
  15. ha yeah, all the bums here you give em money they go to the corner store and buy Robitussin and Listerine..
  16. What the fuck? It's a good source of energy. Bad choice on his part.
  17. bums just want to get fucked up on drugs so they dont have to think about their situation
  18. The "homeless" guy you ran into probly has a house and more money than you do. Some folks have figured out that they can make a living begging so they run with it.

    If ole dude turned down my food offering I would have spit on him, might have tried to start a fight.

    No self respecting homeless person turns down food, I know, I'v been there.
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    In the old days, before drugs were popular, when somebody in the street asked for money to get something to eat, it was understood that they were talking about booze - and if you offered to take them to a restaurant, they'd refuse. This was before the word "homeless" was part of the American vocabulary.
  20. oh man, i was homeless for about a week and i stayed obliterated high the whole time. if you would have handed me a granola bar i would have probably came from the excitement lol

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