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  1. We plant the seeds of the weed people need
    that sets us all free and puts us in glee
    So lets spark these greens and burn all these trees
    till we cant see no more.
    our eyes are so annihilated
    dark, red, and dilated
    we all get so high we cant even function
    so many thoughts are all in a junction
    one more hit would give us a concussion
    were so hungry that we need a lunch-in
    damn... these snacks be crunchin
    were all comin down it makes us all frown
    we wish we were high, just flying in the sky
    so high, we think we might die.
    but thats its only side effect,
    paran-noia be a huge defect
    so lets roll this blunt
    cuz being sober is a cunt
    lets hunt down some weed and light up that bleez
    and blow out the smoke that comes from this toke.
    i wish i had a bong,
    so we can be like chong, and be all so gone
    far away in hong kong.

    what do you guys think of it?
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    not a bad verse man, keep writing. im in the middle of writing a track all about buds and toking, too haa. just toked up so im gonna write my own..some of it is pre-written tho...

    i clench my wisdom
    tune in to inner rhythms
    retaliate and you might catch an anneurism
    when you listen to my, colloquialism
    its like makin that first phone call in prison
    puttin fakes straight out of commission is my mission
    i know you be wishing that i was an illusion like magicians
    if youre absent, have doctors permission
    or youre getting marked down for skipping
    tokin out the vap coz its my med-icin
    if im chillin wit my homies then were twistin
    so we can all conserve, everybody chip in
    when im in the zone im flippin
    if you got a qp you got consistence
    if youre presistant HP aint hit points its honorably proficient
    put up resistance or im gaining the distance
    at any instance i articulate your downfall in an instant
    if youre not forgiven then ill make you put a dip in
    then force feed you five grams of melatonin
    then fifteen pills of caffeine when you start dozing
    dirty like the dozen, like flirting with your second cousin
    im above you like the government
    im from wisconsin, where we con and sin
    yo, you know where i've been
    i'm in the graveyard, stealin bodies, choppin limbs
    i wont be convicted if i dont leave a witness
    youll want to end your existance
    when i puncture your arteries wit syringes
    drain yah blood and drip it on your forehead
    like chinese water torture, i get bored when
    emcees come after me
    my name is daniel and well i'm nasty wit the science
    you may as well change your alias to goliath
    cause your gonna be lying horizontal like a minus sign

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