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Discussion in 'General' started by brian hobo, Jun 21, 2003.

  1. so i was talking to this kid, and he made references to how my exgirlfriend is bisexual. she's still one of my best friends, and this kid is annoying as hell. he's like "id never go out with a lesbian" so i go "dude you cant get any girls at all". im like "so you judge people based on their sexuality?" and he's like yeah. so i went "wow, another close-minded fool. just what this world needs" which confused the shit out of him because he doesnt know big words like "close-minded" and he finally left. im friends with straight people, bisexuals, and gay people. who cares about their private life as long as they're a good friend to you?
  2. I agree man... It's amazing how American culture is based primarily on sexuality and things of that nature. Through American media, kids think it's not alright if you aren't 10 pounds underweight, heterosexual, and wear designer labels. I can't stand these ignorant fools any more than you can, but I do try to remember that it isn't their fault. American youth have so much exposure to the media, that they are virtually brainwashed by it. In a way, it's that guy's fault, but in another it's not.

    I am American, by the way.
  3. Its brought up in schools. Not now, but they old ways. Non-straits were looked down upon, and the adults imposed prejudice upon them. Which they tought their kids, and so on and so forth.

    Although its changing. We have smeinars in schools now and openly gay men and women (several stood up on the stage on anti-discrimination day and came out).

    Its all whats inside, ladies and gents.

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