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Discussion in 'General' started by zidave05, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. My rant is on cheating sluts.

    So I found out earlier today that my girlfriend of almost 3 years cheated on me with some guy I already hated. So by 2am I had ALL of her shit stuffed into black garbage bags and in the driveway for her to pick up.

    Why do bitches cheat? I was great to her, I dealt with her psycho parents who made her move out so that she could be with me. I let her move in with me because she had nowhere else to go.
    She mooched off me for almost a year and NEVER once did I get a thank you.
    I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I believe I was the best thing to happen to her and she threw it all way when she fucked that guy....

    Ok that's my rant...maybe I can go to bed....I'm shaking I'm so angry.

    I'm hurt but not really because I stopped loving her about a month ago
  2. Thats shitty. So shes gone..FUCK her, fuck everything she stands for and FUCK that fucking horse she rode in on. I've been in a similar situation so I know how your feeling. I know the perfect cure, bro. What you need is to get shitfaced drunk and take a trip over to the titty bar with your boys.. Oh and always remember, there are so many beautiful girls out there..and your free now. They'll be plenty more for you dude. :smoke:
  3. You hit it on the head.....all I gained through the last 3 years was TONs of confidence so now I KNOW I'm able to get better. Thanks man
  4. Fuck hoes man.
    Women, on the other hand..
  5. dam GL w/ everything dog. youll bounce back in no time.
  6. fuck that mooching ass bitch. be glad you kicked her to the curb. one thing that might help you out is beating that bitch-*****'s ass
  7. Girls can be some of the best things to happen to a man, as well as some of the worst. Don't let that bitch control how you feel. I mean, you guys had been together for 3 years but if she goes around fuckin' some guy you already hate... it's not as special as it seemed. I wouldn't take her back. That's some fucked up shit. Good luck finding someone better.
  8. There are two reasons why a woman would cheat on you. The first one is her low attraction for you. The more a woman is attracted to you, the nicer she will be to you. When a woman is very, very, attracted to you, she will do everything she can to please you. On the other hand, the less a woman is attracted to you, the more likely she will do naughty things such as fooling around with other guys behind your back.

    The second reason a woman would cheat on you is that she is disloyal. Some women are more loyal than others, and that's why you need to make sure a woman is loyal before you commit to her. Think of it this way: there is a "tolerance level" in every woman's system. Every woman can only take a certain amount of temptation before she cheats on a man.

    Now your job is to find a woman with a high tolerance level and keep the attraction high so that the temptation is low.
    Don't get hung up on this one girl, doing so will get you nowhere except down. Good luck to you in finding a more loyal girl in the near future! :)
  9. sorry to hear that i did the same thing found out this"woman" slept with 8 guys while we were together, an hour and a half before work packed all here things up and called her up and told her I had a fat sak waiting,we stayed friends long enough to sleep with her two cousinswhich I regret. and nothern brother the girl Im talking about did this as a defence mechanism.Her mom was a legit crack whore and her dad was a womaniser,jumped around and fell in with "thugs"aka bitches with no jobs and no depth.thats why I regret sleeping with her cousins because deep down past the wall she was a good person. zidave it took me 6 more years to find my lovely wife dont sweat the small stuff
  10. Don't worry about me guys....It's all good now. Her brother came up here last night to get all her shit and today my buddy came over and we cleaned my room spik and span. I got a bachelor pad's fucking nice now.

    Btw I found another of her shirts and we used it all day with Pledge for dusting and she's coming by sometime today to bring me my house key and I'm gonna give her the shirt.
  11. hah, word on the shirt cleaning, the way I see it, I personally hate females as a gender. Never is a girl "the only one", look how many more there are.:smoke:
  12. So what did you say to her man? I wanna hear this shit :D
  13. OP Im sorry this shit happened to you man. I dont mean to sound cliche but you know somethimes this happen for a damn good reason, and now ya know she wasnt the one for you.

    All I can say now is that its hard to trust people once youve been burned, and Im still suspicious myself but its no t a good thing, just dont carry the anger you have from that girl onto another one, if theres some good guys out there then teres gotta be some cool chicks out there too.

    Good luck to you.
  14. Half the population are women.
    Out of three billion women, your going to find somone else.


  15. Actually, theres approximately 4 women to every 1 man.

    Well she said she didn't want to see me because she thought I'd keep calling her a slut, which I would, so she dropped my calculator in my mailbox and didn't want her shirt cuz I told her she'd only get it if she came and got it.

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