My random-ass mini rant.

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  1. Why is weed illegal in the first place? Especially for medical purposes. I mean are you serious?
    Its totally cool for me to go to the store and buy alcohol, which no one can deny is extremely physically addictive and ACTUALLY fatal to consume in very excessive qualities.
    But pot's not OK. Nope, that would be breaking the law. Some imperialist swine pulls over my buddy and fines him because he has a half smoked joint in his ashtray, this pig's like "Ohhh smokin weed huh? Wow your a LOSER." Then he goes home after his shift and has a fuckin' drink.
    A doctor gives a patient a prescription for any number of pharmaceuticals that are basically heroine(Oxycontin, morphine, hydrocodone, delotted or whatever the fuck its spelled) to use at home without supervision and hes just doing his job. He wants to write a kid with leukemia a prescription for cannibis so she can keep some food down and politicians are like "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Why would you want to give her that, that stuffs a drug! Just up her morphine dose or give her more oxycontin."

    Stupid people need to stop breeding.
  2. Weed was only made illegal in the first place because cotton growers were able to brainwash the entire world into thinking that marijuana is bad, and people are just too ignorant to realize that they have been brainswashed.

    Also, because marijuana is illegal, the only people that smoke it are "bad" people. Therefore weed is "bad". It's a vicious cycle and I'm glad there are people like the Union and NORML out there to try and end it. :hello:
  3. Rant would be more effective if you answered your own question. The answers are out there, and they're lame.
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    Negative, there are NO answers out there. No one has answers. What there are are excuses.
    Excuses are bred by weakness. And for weakness there is no excuse.
  5. :rolleyes:

    The Union

    Real people made real calculations and took real actions to create a real prohibition on cannabis. Those people had real motives. Those motives are your answers, and they're lame.
  6. I dig what youre saying, Im pickin up what you layin' down. But theyre still not answers. Theyre excususes. And yes they are lame. And no longer even valid in modern day society.
  7. And what makes you think you're the first person with such a "rant."

    Search function. We all feel the same way about the illegality of cannabis as you do. It's not like you're giving us any new ideas
  8. LULZ, they actually enforce that rule on TPI. If you ask a question thats already been asked by someone else or post a discussing a topic thats been covered in the past they ban you. A new thread gets started like once a month.
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    Weed is illegal mainly because there's a whole cottage industry built around prosecutions and asset-seizures. People who support the war on drugs are mainly in it to protect their own blood-money, and the "for the children" folks are just their useful idiots (or liars).

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