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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by yuri-san, Apr 9, 2004.

  1. well looks like i get flamed if i post quotes so too bad, go flame other ppl
  2. awesome man. im diggin it. not much more to say than that... but i like them. especially the first few.
  3. lol that trips me right out just readin em...its like some kind of crazy ass fortune cookie phrases ...keep it up man.

    peace out........boomhower
  4. speakin of fortune cookies.... check this fortune out its so cool....

    "Keep on charging the enemy, so long as there is life."

    I love that one i always keep it in my wallet
  5. hah those are damn good...u could be a fortune cookie writer person. lol
  6. awesome shizznit man
  7. yeah speaking of fortune cookies,

    this is the one i keep in my wallet....
    "The small steps you take will ultimately bring you great fortune."

    seeing how im slacking in college i thought it was appropriate for me.
  8. uhh..sounds like you spend to much time tring to scare people or something lighten up. your not really a dark soul or whatever unless you are charles manson or something.
  9. uh, first of all i'm not trying to scare ppl -_-" i mean gimme a break they're just quotes and thoughts most of them due to being high. Second, i dont really believe what my quotes say its just something i thought at some point. I'm no different from you, except for the fact that i dont flame ppl i don't know, if ur not interested in my posts don't read them.

    I like dark or negative quotes, so what? I'm not allowed to just because you dont?.... riiiight
  10. yeah dont mess with my opinion. im jesus that means you have to care about what i say
  11. man dont take ur posts down cuz someone doesnt like them... who cares what other ppl think, if they dont like what youve got to say then fuck them. i never got a chance to read what you wrote, but dont let what other ppl say affect you.

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