My Quick Thoughts On New Zealand (Photos)

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  1. I spent about a week in New Zealand over Christmas, staying with my girlfriend's family in the Nelson region. For the wondering, it's situated along the crescent of the Tasman Bay, on the northern tip of the South Island. Everywhere I went, there was a scene that looked directly from a postcard out of Middle Earth. Definitely one of the most picturesque places I've ever been... and I've been to a lot of picturesque places.

    It seems to have it all. Rolling forest, snow capped mountains, pristine blue waters. The streets are lined with Victorian-era buildings, which might suggest a sleepy sort of retirement village, but they're painted bright colors and house Buddhist centres, art galleries, and fresh marketplaces. Kids with dreads ride around on longboards and brave the frigid seawater to catch the nearly constant surf. Looking southward, the landscape screams adventure in peaks and valleys and the distant mountains of Abel Tasman National Park. It's a place where cable bridges cross high above canyons and breaks in the tree canopy gives a sneaky-peek at deserted beaches and tropical-blue water far below. It's the scene of fairy tales and dreams, except this place is real.
    It proudly waved its counter-culture flag - or, as proudly as they can in New Zealand. And the bud was dope. :smoke:

    I actually did see a lot of sheep, and New Zealanders are a lot like toned-down Australians. They're more relaxed, polite, and humble. The whole culture was relaxed, but not too relaxed. In fact, it wasn't on the end of any extremes; it kind of just hovered in the middle. Which worked well. We spent Christmas day on the beach and had a grill outside. It was all pretty go-with-the-flow, which I can only assume reflects the rest of the country. Surprising, from the place that invented bungee jumping.

    I also went into the jeweller who created the rings for Lord of the Rings. Which was a total geekout experience.

    All in all, I loved it. I'll go back in a heartbeat, and it's the type of place I can see myself retiring to in another forty years, as an active old stoner catching the morning surf each day.

    I think this short and sweet review is pretty good, but if any Kiwis want to set the record straight, have at 'er.

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  2. Now that's beautiful. Odd question I suppose but how was the food? What kind of native food did they have?
  3. You know how certain places give the "feel at home" vibe, this is what NZ looks like. I would like to visit.
  4. Never really thought of going to NZ before but those pics are awesome. I really want to visit Australia
  5. It definitely had that home-like feel, and beautiful is an understatement.

    As for the food, maybe it was just my experience, but it wasn't anything out of the ordinary from typical english-speaking Pacific cuisine. Lots of seafood, British influences, Asian fusion. A bigger nod to English cuisine than we have here in Australia, I found.

    It was the wine that took the cake. Especially in the region where I was, there were vineyards everywhere and the quality never disappointed once.
  6. Glad you liked my home country. Did you go anywhere besides Nelson?

    It's unfortunate that we still live in an unequal society though, where Maoris can get all kinds of special treatment purely because of their race. Makes me absolutely sick, and everyone just acts as if nothing's wrong with it. That said it is a comfortable place to live, and best of all we have more tokers per capita than any other country in the world according to the UN.

    I traveled around Europe last year and that's more my style, absolutely amazing.
  7. Yea I am seeing why they filmed Lord of The Rings there hahah.

  8. And that's not even the best stuff, further south it gets even MORE middle earthy.
  9. Those pictures are amazing.New Zealand is indeed beautiful.
  10. Always wanted to visit New Zealand, glad you had a good time man. Beautiful pictures :smoking:
  11. Didn't get anywhere else much further south, but I'm stoked to go back and do a more thorough South Island tour in the (hopefully near) future. I'm already watching for a deal on airfare. :D

    It's funny that Europe is more your pace... It really is different strokes for different folks. NZ is totally more my style than anywhere in Europe. I love many European places, but I can't imagine myself ever living there... even in the UK, where I was raised. Living Down Under is so much more me.
  12. Toasty im jealous of your life... ive always wanted to go over there

  13. The reason I love Europe is because I love history, and history is absolutely fucking everywhere over there, as opposed to NZ which has a couple hundred years of not very exciting history.
  14. New Zealand is fuckin awesome, love that Lord of the the Rings was filmed there. That was when I first looked into New Zealand.

    Also I forget where I read this shit but apparently the ratio of sheep to people is 7:1??
  15. Glad to see you like New Zealand.

    It doesn't all look like that though, in places like Wanganui, gangs are a big problem.
    Then you have South Auckland, which is pretty much a giant ghetto.

  16. See, I don't care about history as much in a place. It's interesting to learn about, but I'm more interested in the culture of a place. The people, the modern way of life. Australia is far more my speed - I fit in better down here.

    A kiwi gang just doesn't strike the fear into me :laughing:

    You get shit places everywhere. Even if those places are giant cesspits of all your worst nightmares, the rest of NZ more than makes up for it. Place is pretty, man.

  17. Hahahahaha.

    Gangs over here scare the shit outta me man.
  18. [ame=]Mongrel Mob v Black power. Winner is... - YouTube[/ame]
  19. As a kiwi, I am ashamed of that video.
  20. I've been to New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji; these are the countries I have experience with in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Of the three New Zealand trumps the others in both beauty and kindness. The people of New Zealand are amazing, truly.
    NZ tops global human freedom list - National - NZ Herald News

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