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  1. so adam and eve had kids right, who did the kids of adam and eve marry?

  2. and also what religion were they?
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  4. if they married eachother then we are all logically related to eachother right?
    and if they married somone else, how were they there! the bible didnt say god created other people apart from adam and eve?
  5. I think incest was okay according to the bible, until the whole moses thing if I remember right... So, brothers banged sisters...
  6. You just have to have faith bro.
  7. you see i dont follow christianity, i was thought another religon as a youngster, started going school overseas where they thought me christianity and also in high school, and i liked it but wanted to know if what i was taught was true.
  8. parthenogenesis and then some event not written in the bible explains how humans lost it along the way. Maybe because someone had milk and meat in their bar mitzvah and god got all pissed and was like "yo fuck yall niggas."
  9. OP - The Hebrew bible and Old Testament only mentions Adam and Eve having two sons and one killed the other.  So kids were impossible.  Of course thinking people know this story simply isn't real.
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    Actually it mentions three sons: you forgot to mention Seth. It the Gnostic Scriptures, it mentions Adam and Eve had ten sons and daughters, and explicitly tells us Cain married one of his sisters (I can't remember her name right now). Also, it's worth mentioning that, until the Reformation, Genesis was largely taken as an allegorical account of creation, and not meant to be taken literally. Not that this ends the conversation, but it does need to be taken into account.
  11. Adam and Eve interbred with primitive primate. 

  12. reminds me of a question i saw posed on a comic the other day.  it had joseph with his head in his hands, asking
    If you created Adam from dirt and Eve from Adam's rib, why did you have to fuck my wife?
    Yes, I forgot Seth.  I wasn't thinking of the Gnostic scriptures since so few humans pay any attention to them.  Good points though.

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