My purchase has not come

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Thefurly, Apr 16, 2003.

  1. I ordered a leaf pipe, and it shipped April 4th. However, I still did not get it. I live in NY in USA. When can I expect it? I hope it will come in time for 4/20...
  2. It takes at least 2 weeks...sometimes a bit longer. It's being shipped from overseas so it takes some time. It should get there soon. Give it a little more time then let us know what's going on so SuperJoint can check on it if he needs to.
  3. Oh, ok, I had no idea it was being shipped from overseas. Sorry about that :) Thanks a lot!
  4. Let us know when you get it!!!!!
  5. Thanks a lot guys! The order came today! Everything is perfect, you guys even included free Cones!! THANKS!
  6. Cool! That ROCKS! I'm glad you're happy with your order!!!
  7. Thats great friend.. Enjoy it!

    We are also glad that you posted that you received your order.. Thanks!

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