My Psychedelic Zoo Trip`

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  1. So on Saturday morning my girl and I were sitting in my room watching a program on some new tiger exhibit at some zoo, all of a sudden i got the idea of a lifetime!!
    "Lets get really baked and go to the zoo!" said I

    My girlfriends eyes lit up like an 8 year olds eyes on christmas morning and she agreed that it was a great idea. We started to pack a backpack of required goods for our journey, here is some of the items that I can recall: 1 big blanket (it was cold as hell), 4 water bottles, and a camera, there was more but i cannot remember the items. So as we are walking out of my front door my cell phone rings with some of the greatest news i have ever received, my friend was offering me 6 hits of some really nice LSD for the price of 25$.

    So we went and got our acid, it was on 6 sugar cubes, my girlfriend and I then took 3 cubes each with about 20 minutes left 'til we arrive at the zoo. Once we get there we start to wander around and look at the animals, then the acid started to kick in. We were frying balls before we knew it and exploring every last inch of the zoo. What made it even better was that there was barely any other people there due to the bad weather, probably only saw 20-25 other people there.

    While frying we decided our favorite animals were Zebras (due to the trippy ass patterns), Giraffes because they just look downright hilarious on LSD, the packs of Flamingos because they stand on one leg, which was hilarious also, and Ring tailed Lemurs. About the Lemurs, my girlfriend and i were dancing all stupid in front of the Lemur exhibit for a good 5 minutes while i sang the song "I like to move it, move it" (Madagascar reference). We also spent a ridiculous amount of time at the hippos, i also think i had a spiritual experience while watching Meercats chase each other through their little holes in the ground.

    Long story short, if you like animals and psychedelics then combine the two in a trip to the zoo. It is a experience i will never forget.

  2. LMAO LMAO LMAO lolllll +rep for you
    i pictured this in my mind. XD

  3. yeah dude, we must have looked so ridiculous.
  4. that would have been hysterical to walk in on. :p
  5. That's crazy I dropped acid at the Zoo too during a school trip. I thought I was the only one... But for me the people tripped me out more than the animals
  6. yo i was planning on going to the aquarium on shrooms. ill keep you all posted on how that goes...

  7. thats why you gotta go on a cold overcast day, there are virtually no people there on days with shitty weather.
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    i can imagine yall walking around giggling hard as hell at the animals, and people thinking yall are like escaped mental patients.
  9. i have always wanted to do this but the zoo in my area is always packed. probably because it is the #3 zoo in the nation (Henry Doorly Zoo, Omaha, NE). i don't like tripping around large crowds.
  10. i would totally trip at the zoo but i would geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek cause the only zoo i know of is brookfield zoo which is pretty fucking popular.
  11. Its good to see this thread alive and kicken. My next psychedelic trip im gonna be making is going to be while camping out at Tikaboo Peak in Nevada. Its only a couple miles from Area 51 and is the only legal position where area 51 can be seen.

    So yeah we're (my girl, my friend Wilson, and I) are gonna fry balls on top of a mountain while watching aliens and top secret aircraft.
  12. Yeah, a friend of mine's mom said she used to do that way back in the day. She said she was even surprised they still sell acid. I wanted to do something similar except for me it's a toss up between the aquarium and the zoo.
  13. Dont fry at the aquarium. Having 758295739 gallons of water on the other side of the glass would be shitty, i would stress myself out over it.

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