My Psychedelic Hip Hop Remix Tape

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  1. first cuts off of "Phase I"
    Phase I by mt.en on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
    1."Throwback Rap Attack" Percee P
    2."Rapperfection" Edan ft. Mr. Lif
    3."Priority" Mos Def
    4."Mastermind" Deltron 3030


    Influence of psychedelic sound, vinyl + vhs hiss, raw funk, hip hop boom bap, stoner metal, free jazz, dirty blues, spoken word

    Fusion, Listen, Love, Download, Spread

    I love to hear feedback, after sitting in the studio, its great to hear people's take. Peace.
  2. Shameless. Check this shit. Flip your wig.

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