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my progressa!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Feb 28, 2003.

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    1 Bud Head
    [4365] <<<<<<<<<<
    2 namron_420s
    3 critter
    4 Reform MaryJane Laws
    5 Big Poppa Puff
    6 sensimil
    7 NuBBiN
    8 dirtydingusus
    9 superjoint
    10 ganjaphish

    Top 10 Posters of the last 30 Days
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    1 Bud Head
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    2 TheHempress
    3 Reform MaryJane Laws
    4 Stylez1877
    5 highawatha
    6 IGotTheCottons
    7 weedeater
    8 bud stuffer
    9 sidious
    10 sensimil

    Top 10 Posters of the last 24 hours
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    1 Bud Head
    [78] <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    2 Stylez1877
    3 IGotTheCottons
    4 Reform MaryJane Laws
    5 sidious
    6 dirtydingusus
    7 Hatebreeder
    8 namron_420s
    9 bud stuffer
    10 tednugent

    Number one three in a row!
  2. Im proud of you and worried at the same time. :hippie:
  3. Bud Head is high and proud!!!!
  4. Damn! That's a whole lotta posting. You're my inspiration to post more Bud Head LOL

  5. Samantha is in the bed. The ex is watching her tonight. The boys have decided to play PS2 and is out of sight and mind..

    The only way they know I'm here is when the door is opened and outside I go. I am expermitting to see...........f I get high enough will I be able to handle the cold weather better.

    I'll reply to that at the end of the evening!
  6. heyhey gettin up there too... lol :D
  7. hey i'm on two of those lists, i haven't ben around long enough to get on the other.

  8. my thoughts exactly! is Yer butt sore???


  9. No my butt is fine. I don't know about the rest of me though. I haven't had sex in 14 hours. Looks like it maybe another two before it happens. Damn it has been to long since the last time!

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