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my problem

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TheHempress, Feb 26, 2003.

  1. I say go for the Harley..that's a pretty good deal if he spent 7000 on it
  2. gotta luv the harley man :D
  3. Critter if you are that stuck on what to do, use a quarter anf flip for it..

    On something like this where I m truely stuck, I just flip a coin to settle it!. If I have to go 2 out of 3, then I know that the one it picked wasn't the one I wanted!..

    Your choice my friend.. They both are nice bikes!
  4. haha yep man thats a good menthod I should try that sometime!! if only i had a quarter ver y broke :p
  5. Looks like a good idea to me. You may be right, that bike may be cheaper next year!

    Good karma for what ever you do. Just be HAPPY!
  6. sounds good man :D
  7. i say buy a couple pounds of weed!!!

  8. That is something he has pleanty of..
  9. Go with the Harley, that's the shit.

  10. I'm parcel to the Triumph myself. But probably only because I've only seen two in my life. Go by any lawyers or dentists office if you wann see a Harley!:)

    Ya wanna trade problems?

    I could deal with this problem just fine!
  11. That Harley fucking ROCKS, Critter!!!!!

    Flip the coin and make it land on the Harley!
  12. I'm tellin ya!

    GO WITH THE "UMPH!!!!!
  13. The Triumph is a nice bike...I just have a thing for Harley's. You need to go with what you're going to be happy with...all we want is for the Critter man to be happy! :)
  14. The Harley is just a beauty, how can you resist it!

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