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  1. was up people I gotta problem hope yall can help me out well here it is one of my plants is a problem child its 2 weeks old and has 2 burns leaves that are orange at the tip and now two more leaves came in and they are black really burnt and crispy please help I dont know what to do with this retard lol
  2. Need a lot more info.

    If they are burnt and black then my first guess is...they got burned? What kind of light and how close?
  3. 42 watt floro and its about an inch or two away from the the tops also how long does it take a burn victim to recover
  4. Come on dude! You've been around here long enough to know the drill. Give us the info we need to help you. EVERY DETAIL. And, if you can, take some pix.
  5. the leaves that are burnt will not recover. The plant has to put out new ones. Cut off the burnt pieces.

  6. thxup4anything thats the best help Ive got so far I also placed lamp 2 more inches away from the babies also sorry for no pics getting camera real soon hopefully in the next two weeks also for all you camera geeks which should be my choice for the best resoultion and shit thx in advance

  7. So far it has taken me 5 years.
    Oh and yes keep your plants about 3 inches from the lights.

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